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That ship has sailed.

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aw man, the dishes are gonna smell funny again

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I have a funny story about that.

So... This woman, she occasionally picked fights, left her husband to be with other men, and then when things didn't work out she came back. She kept doing this.

Her son one day said to his father "everytime you kiss her it's like sucking all those guy's dicks." Figuratively he had a point. His father agreed and he moved on.

Kinda worked out for her, I think she married up financially but the new guy has weird sex tastes.

Kinda worked out for him too.

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So the marriage breaks up and they lease out the marital home to the child and he gets a coke dealer roomie and everything goes way better than you'd think things would go in that situation.

Except nobody wants to do the dishes. So they just sit there. Until one day they reek of death and are covered in maggots. So they just threw away all the plates.

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and are covered in maggots.

They stopped pissing in the sink, didn't they. That's how you get maggots.

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Moral of the story

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On rising seas.