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Pat Smith, who says she lost her son in the alleged Benghazi attacks on the odd date of 9/11/2012 states:

Ya know, it's funny, I just realized [13 years later?] this afternoon that my son, the one [the one?] that was killed in Benghazi, [what mother says it like that, lol], was actually the one [the one?] that took over the airplanes when they were grounded, when the original 9/11 hit the towers. [A date cannot hit anything]

What I think Pat Smith is trying to say, is that her alleged son who allegedly died in Benghazi on 9/11/2001, was also in charge of the grounded planes on 9/11/2001.

Clearly she is trying to push the hijacker theory, which is a lie.

You see people, this is what is called schema in DoD perception management tactics. Watching her interview, it is clear that she is lying and reading a script. And you'd think CNN wouldn't want this women to speak because of her strong distaste for Clinton. But once you udnerstand all these interviews and events are psyops, then everything makes a lot more sense. Basically, she is tasked with using the schema tactic in perception management ; connecting past propaganda with present propaganda to form a historical lie forever. All you really need is some hobos, or poor people who want lots of money. Just give them a script and let them act on TV.

Her son allegedly dies on 9/11/2012 because of lack of security but was also the guy that just so happened to be in command of the grounded planes on 9/11/2001 for security reasons that Pat Smith only now realized this afternoon.

How people can not see through this psyop and script is beyond me.

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This calls into question all media.

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Check your dates. I think you typed one incorrectly. ;)