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What the fuck... How does this not get investigated?

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Identity politics. It's Treason and Criminality against Liberty. They armed ISIS in this region with help from gulf state proxies to oust Assad and destabilize the region for the Gteater Israel project which didn't work. Now Israel has turned to Putin, though Israel and RUSSIA have always had a great relationship. What's interesting is that in Israeli newspapers, time and time again Israel states that Assad is an Israeli geopolitical friend, which leads me to believe something else is going on.

I believe Syria, China, Russia, Israel, EVEN IRAN, are making a deal and will become the new modernized superpowers under the BRICS, by way of the BELT ROAD INITITIVE that WILL starve western economies such as the UK and espeically the USA. It's all a show, in my book and the US geopolitically is getting desperate.

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another thing to think of is that Russia, USA, Israel and all puppet states are all in collusion but pretend to fight so they each have boogey men to make the people at home afraid of. Correct that Israel and Russia always had a good relationship. Assad went along with this as it helped him gain support at home "Israel and USA are paying ISIS to attack us so you should support me" WW 1 and 2 and most wars of history are similar. BRICS may or may not become superpowers but for their leaders that is not the main point, enriching themselves and staying in power is like with all elites. Each has USA educated and indoctrinated puppet presidents. All a show, yep.