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    If they lie about the one, chances are they lie about the other too. If they lied back then, chances are they still lie to this day.

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    That was not the allegation until very recently, as the work of people like Fred Leuchter and Germar Rudolf has made the gas chamber lie increasingly harder to maintain. Traditionally, the claim was that mass execution by bullets was too psychologically difficult on the executioners, which is why the Germans supposedly developed the homicidal gas chamber in the first place. They would also claim that Germany couldn't spare the millions of bullets required because they were needed at the Eastern Front. The strongest evidence for the existence of a "Holocaust" is the "survivor" testimony, and what those "survivors" described was homicidal gassing in fake shower rooms. They can't suddenly change the story now that the narrative has become untenable.

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    Nah, the narrative is the gassing was tried on the disabled first.

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    Because why respect or feel sorry for people who lie to you?

    If the holocaust is serious enough that nobody can joke about it then it should be serious enough that nobody can lie about it. Seeing as it's composed mainly of lies from its foundation it loses all demands of reverence.