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Abby Martin is doing an AMA today at 4pm CST (20 minutes). It will definitely be worth watching the shill horde descend on that.
This is interesting timing.

Reddit’s majority stockholder is Advance Publications.


The president of Advance Publications is Donald Newhouse (1929- ). Per Wikipedia, Newhouse’s father, Samuel Irving Newhouse Sr., was born to Jewish immigrants on the Lower East Side of Manhattan and began the family media business. His mother hails from a Jewish silk tie merchant. The Newhouse clan has been at the publishing game for nearly a century, acquiring smaller newspapers nationwide.

Not cool.

If they determine that brigading, vote manipulation, harassment, bans, post removals and/or astroturfing are insufficient to counter certain news stories or ideas (“threats” in newspeak), then they will resort to more extreme measures to ensure that only Kosher-approved talking points from their masters and corporate media/Lugenpresse owners remain on this thoroughly corrupted Reddit platform.

They've recently turned up the heat.

TNN Takeaway: Reddit is a rancid cesspool. is up and coming, and I am contributing posts there now. Support them and alternatives as long as they are on the up and up. Boycott, avoid and badmouth Reddit at every opportunity.

Say it loud! Amen.

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Nice to see another mention of saidit in the wild

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Yep. Reddits format is great. It was wise of you to replicate it.
You're the moderator of an awful lot of subs. When the tsunami hits you're going to be a busy man.

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It's a great format, why fix what isn't broken?

Hopefully I can find trustworthy people to give moderator positions to by the time the tsunami hits.

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Agreed. Why fix what isn't broken. It has since been shattered. Revitalize the dream of Aaron Schwartz. He would have Saidit; had he only readit.

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Here's the AMA:

Looks like it's still ongoing, she posted an answer 2 minutes ago.

edit: Here's only her responses. Seems to be a very knowledgeable person.