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I just did a search

It was back in the day, but I could find some similar results with 'christian gnostic': A lot of this stuff from American-church forums showed up back then only on the term gnostic.

I can believe that maybe Gnosticism was related a lot to Christianity by the 2011 google.

The rest you post are all possible valid points, but there are 'blacklisted' (mostly real spammy/infested sites, so 'humanly censored') sites.

Maybe it helps that I have installed some privacy and ad blocking apps to Chrome?

Privacy on Chrome? not even Chromium!? Ehhh, you might want to reflect on that.

What I can say is that I am now much more informed, it seems, than I was about the Gnostic faith than I was twenty minutes ago.

I present you the quickest, and funniest, run down on the basic concepts used in the pleroma of the 'faiths/paths/perceptions/philosophies' encompassed by the term Gnosticism and why the Church doesn't like it: