In Brief

Our mental paradigms shape our physical reality.
The prevalent paradigm determines the trajectory of our collective reality.

In order for the "1%" to rule over the 99%,
they need the Pyramidian paradigm to continue to hold sway.

Hence, the 99% are constantly bombarded with distractions,
to shift their attention, focus and discussions away from this:

The 99% do not have to be subservient to the 1%.

In order to decenter the Pyramidian paradigm, we need to:
1. Address the paradigm and the forces that sustain it
2. Normalize a paradigm that works for the entire population
This is what s/WritingsOnTheWall is all about.

It's All In Your Mind

The 1% rule the 99%
They do so with mind controls
For us to win, the real battle is in our minds

What needs toppling are:

(1) Our uncritical acceptance of the Top-Down / Pyramidian Paradigm
In reality: The 99% do not have to be subservient to the 1%.

(2) Our own thinking that the present system
- economic, educational, news & social media, etc
- owned & controlled by the 1%
somehow serves us

(3) Our own thinking that the political system
- also owned & controlled by the 1%
is different and somehow works for us
Research shows it doesn't

(4) Our curiosity - affinity for rabbit holes i.e. trying to get to the bottom of what's going on.
The "elite's" Gatekeepers
- distract & lead us down bottomless rabbit holes
- weaponizing us without our knowing, to cause others to do the same
Getting people rabbit-holed is the most effective mind control since people least expect it.

Without going down rabbit holes, it should be clear that
All systems serve those who own and control them
That is all there is to know
And consequently, owning & controlling our own system, is what we need to do to win

"But how can we own the system?"
"Wait, are you arguing for State-ownership i.e. Socialism??!!"
"We don't have the money/capital to own the system!!"
NO! These are the mindsets that need to be overcome next

(5) Our own thinking that
- only the 1% or the State can own the system
- the 99% do not have the money/capital to own the system

In reality:
The 1% didn't have the capital to begin with either.
What capital the 1% have were:
- produced by the 99%, or
- from controlling the State, and ultimately produced by the 99%

We the 99% power the economy, working cooperatively daily
i.e. We are the economy
- Let's just produce the wealth for ourselves, not the 1%
- Let's shun their corporations: de-corporatize & co-opefy the Economy
- Let's commit to mutual & self aid through Co-ops4All
for economic immunity from the 1%

Let's commit to build the real herd immunity that we need against:
- the real pathogen - "the elite"
- the real disease - their Pyramidian mind control paradigm

The agenda that is normalized, wins
Normalize the "elite's" agenda, they win
Normalize our agenda, we win

The Ways Gatekeepers Work

Following are the ways by which Gatekeepers (especially on social media) lead the resistance nowhere and to no real change.

  1. Heatsinks: Signpost for energy dissipating rants, no follow up into actions
  2. Direct & narrow the discussion to the latest narrative / counter narrative
  3. Misdirect from the real, overriding Problem
  4. Misdirect from the Real Solution
  5. Limit attention on the Real Solution to the bare minimum
  6. Direct the Curious down Rabbit Holes
  7. Normalize the "elite's" agenda through their followers
  8. Sow helplessness
  9. Sow profound cynicism

What they distract us from & what we must focus on:
Our mental paradigm: changing our mindset leads to real change

They are two kinds of truth - truth that leads us:
a. out of our quandaries
b. down rabbit holes AND weaponizes us against ourselves

The Pyramidian Paradigm

The "1%" control
- the economy with their Corporations
- Politics with their Government
all with the help of the 99%‼

But how?

They do so with the use of:
- the Pyramidian Paradigm - it implicitly justifies the dominance of the 99% by the 1%
- mind Gatekeepers - distract the 99% from challenging the Pyramidian paradigm
- our own mind traps and
- sheer inertia & numbers - the prevalent paradigm determines our reality & trajectory as a society i.e. the agenda that is normalized, wins


Direct Change

We can do and must do Direct Change:
i.e. gatekeeper-, politics-, & conflict-free, radical change

How To Do Direct Change & Normalize Our Agenda to Win:

(1) Build A Mind Shift Avalanche to bury the Pyramidian paradigm
Gather at the s/WritingsOnTheWall
- All the Cooperative Ideas for Direct Change
- All the Minds to be
-- freed with a self-organizing, mutual aid paradigm
-- unshackled from the Pyramidian paradigm & from the hold of the mind Gatekeepers

(2) Build Real Herd Immunity from the 1% or Free-dom i.e.
- free from economic exploitation: Co-ops4All
- free from disease from airborne pathogens: Ions4All
- free from misinformation /propaganda: Writings On The Cooperative Wall
& more


Co-operative Ideas for Change

Cooperative Ideas & Solutions
to Decenter the 1%'s Corporatocracy
& to Build the 99%'s Co_opecracy with.

Instead of:

1) Corporations:
Worker, Producer, Consumer & Platform Co-ops
Better still: Co-opefy The Economy

2) Corporate-driven Debt-Money Creation:
Community Currency
eg Tenino wooden money
or VITA credits

3) Corporate + Social Media:
Writings On The Wall

4) Corporate Duopoly:

5) Corporate Chemicals + pHarma:
ie Earth's
& Humans'

6) Corporate-driven Consumerism:
Library Of Things

7) Direct Change idea/solution vs Airborne Viruses & Exosomes:
A. Ions & Ionizers against airborne pathogens
B. Autophagy for healthier immune system

Rather than hope for Corporate-sanctioned change,
Let's Make Direct Change Ourselves!

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