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Oh yes, far better to remain silent in the face of injustice if I don't have all the answers. Lmao

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Try these

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I like some of those solutions, I think we agree on a lot of the problems.

I also think that Bell Hooks quote has some disturbing implications that encourages herd mentality

Yes, lets think of solutions, but lets not be silent in the face of injustice, even when we don't have the answers

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I can see how the quote could be interpreted as dissuading the voicing out of issues.

The way I read & understand the quote is that it is directed more towards thought / conversation leaders - these who would be in a better vantage point to more fully review and contemplate such issues, and ought to have at least some inkling on how to solve the issues.

I call such "leaders" who harp on the issues but stop short of the solutions Gatekeepers.

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I call such "leaders" who harp on the issues but stop short of the solutions Gatekeepers.

Took a look at the link, and I see what you (and Bell) are getting at. The 'culture warring' you mention is a good example of this, and I had never really viewed it in this context of railing against problems with no intent to solve it. You make an important point, but one that I think is hard to grasp without understanding that quote in its greater context (the only thing I know about Bell is what I gleaned from skimming the recent obituaries in the news)

Anyways, appreciate you explaining this one to me.

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You are very welcome. I agree more context would help those less familiar, better understand the quote. Thank you for providing that opportunity.