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@ /u/salvia_d , I have a long list of subs I'd like to add, including "EmpireFiles", but I have to wait 5 or 6 days for my next one. If you have the option to create a new sub I recommend "EmpireFiles" with proper capitals. Thus in the future we can have a good common place for all of their episodes, rather than being smeared wide. Naturally if the episode is more topical to a specific subject it may be repeat-posted as necessary.


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It's a good idea but I'm functioning at full capacity right now so I can't take on any more rolls :(

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Roles? You mean like moderator? Add me or magnora7 or d3rr if you don't want to be mod alone.

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thanks for the spelling correction, think I had dice in mind. As for the sub, how about i step back from this for now. Let me know when it's up though, I would love to join.

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LOL I didn't even notice the spelling til you pointed it out. I would be a mess without spellcheckers.

We all have new sub limits so I don't know when I'll add EmpireFiles. It's in my long list :

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haha... nice list :)