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One could argue that the situation was more serious when Delta was the main variant and some action was still necessary.

Omicron seems to be the airborne vaccine and having seen many friends bounce back from it in a few days recently, it's really looking like all the measures still in place are unnecessary. Do we have to wait for a government to admit fault before all these draconian measures are reversed?

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Australia's fucked. They invited him. He's had the holocough twice, but apparently having natural holocough immunity doesnt count in Australia. If they deport him and ban him for 3 years, Australia will be a dead place for Tennis. Also: That court case needs to finish in the next 2 or 3 days otherwise they'll have to deport him anyway and he wont be in time to travel back and be in top condition to play in the Australian Open.
Australia has and will favour Afghani 'refugees' over international sports stars for travel visa's. Its clown world country

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Yep, that's the paradigm that's been brainwashed into the sheeple.

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Yeah, you almost hit point. Except for his bitch parade.

Principially you get my vote.

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The same with a lot of modern trends.

If you refuse to say you believe trans women are really women you make the people who do repeat it look like clowns so you have to be shut down.

No one wants to be the only one wearing fancy dress at the party but if everyone else is wearing it it's a great party.

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Here's a comment I saw passed around, that I think perfectly encapsulates Australia's infamous tall poppy syndrome / crabby convict spirit:


~ Reyechuss, Jan. 7 2022 (@reyechuss, Twitter)

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This wall of text looks like something from Orwells book, be it Animal Farm - Some animals are more equal than others - or even 1984's doublethink.

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Or, perhaps it's that he simply isn't an animal at all... After all, "vaccine" does come from the Latin word for COW 👈😏

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No source is listed. Explain.

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I'm glad you ask, actually. This article came from ZeroHedge:

/u/d3rr I've been unable to link-post several articles (e.g. recently for unknown reason. When this happens, I do what I have done here and copy the text into a text post. But I do this only because I cannot make the link work. You know what's going on? Thanks.

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I'm not aware of any issues like this. Sometimes the title or thumbnail bit doesn't work, but you should be able to post any link.

Which link can't be posted? I will test.

I see. It won't fill in the ZH titles. Please paste the title in yourself until it's fixed, I will take a look.

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In my case, it's not just that it won't fill in the titles, it hangs up when I enter the URL. Says it's "loading..." indefinitely. It happens consistently with ZH articles, and with some others as well. The link in this post was a poster child for this, which is why I posted it in text.

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