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It's predicated on the idea that individuals act solely out of greed and are self interested.

Because many people are. Most of them put themselves into positions of power. From the asshole manager at a Target who loves his job bossing people around to the politician dancing with a nuclear football.

and are typically kind to strangers.

Only to the extent society allows them to be. External factors force even the kindest of people into doing horrible things to others for self-preservation.

For many of us a roof over our heads, food, and water, and we'd be alright. That limitation is fine when you have a farm away from town. Not when you're stuck in a city where everything costs money.

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I don't necessarily disagree, although we may disagree on the extent.

Situational/social pressures make people act contrary to their personal values. The corporate structure forces people to harm others, or find work at another corporate plantation if they take issue with .

The farmer runs his own operation, so he has the personal flexibility to act morally. Similar tendencies apply to those who are fortunate enough to work for corporate plantations with more ethical corporate cultures.

In spite of this, a small number of sociopaths/psychopaths can quickly destroy morality within the corporate structure.

This outcome appears to have been designed-in to corporate legal structure, as senior leadership is legally required to maximize profit.