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Just searched reddit, and there you are from 2 years ago....I listened to that Higherside episode, that didn't stick I guess. I didn't jot notes from that one.

Few billion on a side project...

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Actually I think it might've been mentioned only in the unedited extended version only available on the higherside chats plus, sorry for the confusion. It's hard to keep straight what went in to which edit version.

I wanted to make that second hour of the conversation public too but that's how Greg makes his money so he said no, which I understand. But perhaps I'll include it as a gift to anyone who donates on patreon or something? I think he'd be ok with a limited release like that, I don't know how else I'd could do it.

But anyway, yeah. The scale of the Rothschilds is pretty nuts. When you own central banks money doesn't mean much anymore. I'm glad people are finding out about Genie Energy.

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No worries....I am not signed up for the extra hour, and I should be. I feel he is doing excellent work and deserves it. And if it was mentioned in the regular hour, I easily missed it if I was busy while listening.