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all tyrants and despotic states confiscated weapons before liquidating their populations: communist russia, communist china, nazi germany and now, communist south africa.

details from a sa voat user:

"There's alot more to this. It's to do with changes to firearms legislation around 2000. Prior, your license was valid for life. In 2000, the kakistrocracy changed the legislation so that we all have to renew our licences (read reapply) every 5 years. I have retained my old license (many were bullied into handing them in) and a legal challenge in 2009 found that they were still valid. By then, many of us -including me- had gone over to the 5 year system because we were threatened with arrest unless we complied. So there are 2 systems running side by side. The purpose of the new legislation is to disarm us- with each renewal round, many are refused for arbitrary reasons. So they have disarmed many that way. Also , n_gger cops will turn up at your house and simply "confiscate" your gun. These are then sold to n_gger criminals. Anyhow, some people have failed to renew their licences on time (90 days before expiry, if you go any other time, they refuse to process it) and those people are being bullied into handing over their guns. Another legal challenge found that CFR (central firearms registry) would have to find a way to accommodate those people who have a legitimate reason for failing to renew in time. The kakistrocracy had planned to make all those people hand in their guns, but their so called "amnesty" was called off after the court case. I have had the pleasure of informing Many with expired (new style) licences that their old style licences are still valid. However it's best to carry the court order to that effect on you at all times, because they will still try and steal your gun from you at traffic stops, for example."