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Yeah good points. The decline of the US MIC could be lengthy and lead to more deaths than when it was dominant. "Pax Americana" is interesting... a "period of relative peace and stability". It doesn't seem that way to me, but I guess it is since we're not openly fighting any major players.

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Yeah... like combat deaths per year have been low compared to WW2 and WW1. But American agencies have overthrown 53 governments since the end of WW2. So it's a relative peace. Relative to the hells of intense world war. So not great either way. I think an era of peace can come, but only after the world culture deeply understands the dangers and insidiousness of the military-industrial complex and their profit-motive for war, and the mechanisms by which they capture governments.

Short of that miracle it's probably just going to keep being echos of this same refrain... But who knows. There's a million ways things could turn out