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Is eliteDom @ usurperDom "a free society"?

Maybe it is for the "elite" usurpers --ie free for them to usurp -- but not free for the usurped

This tweet post (true also for other posts by 'Big Name Accounts' with large following):

  • on X/Twitter the very platform that censors real dissident voices -
  • gets ~150K views, ~2K reposts
    [at this stage any dissent that goes viral on Corporate Social (Control) Media should give cause for dissidents to pause & think AND be skeptical, one would hope but ....]
  • focuses attention only on a narrow spectrum of opinion for lively debate
    yet does not even call for people to abandon corporate social (control) media
    let alone abandon everything that puts Corporate, Hierarchy's interest above public interest ie decorporatize

Hence, we may surmise
The Mind Gatekeeping Formula:
Bring people to the very brink of change,
but keep them there by focusing their attention on the Problem:
- ”the owners/operators of the system need to do a better job with their system“
(make sure to draw no attention to any possibilities outside of the present system)
Thus, ensure nothing fundamentally changes