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Originally posted on Reddit but now c/p'd here where additions and edits will be done.

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"Think for yourself"

I love what cartoonist and graphic novelist Art Spiegelman said about MAD magazine in 2004:

The message MAD had in general is "The media is lying to you, and we are part of the media..." It was basically... "Think for yourselves, kids."

I read MAD magazine in the late 60s and early 70s, and it was brutal towards the phoniness of mainstream politicians. It was also brutal towards advertising, which it saw as trying to swindle people into buying things they don't need and are usually bad for them.

-- From my comment in u/RandomCollection's 2019 Reddit WotB post Trust in media is collapsing. Is that such a bad thing?

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I read it in the same time period, the late 60s/early 70s. One of my favorite things was to find the gems in the margins.

Didn't some of the writers go on to create National Lampoon?

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One of my favorite things was to find the gems in the margins.

My favorite MAD thing is the wonderful MAD logo with bacchantes, centaurs, and fauns. Who knew Greek mythology could be so fun? The first time I got a good look was awe-inspiring. That was back in the years when naughty images were limited to National Geographic and J.C. Penney catalogs. Unless, of course, your father was an art historian :-)

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Never even noticed that (no surprise). But the JC Penney catalogs, lol, I do remember that, how all the boys loved the bra and panties pages, woo hoo! My mother wasn't an historian but did belong to art appreciation groups so she acquired these massive tomes of classical art that could do double-duty as doorstops. She was also determined that her kids wouldn't grow up ignorant about biology and sex as she had, so she bought a book (very scienc-y but better than nothing) and encouraged us to ask her any questions we had.

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Didn't some of the writers go on to create National Lampoon?

I don't think so. From Wiki-Pooh:

National Lampoon was started by Harvard graduates and Harvard Lampoon alumni Doug Kenney, Henry Beard and Robert Hoffman in 1969, when they first licensed the "Lampoon" name for a monthly national publication.

I don't recognize any of those names.

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Okay, thanks. It just seemed like such a natural evolution from one to the other, but the timing is off anyway.