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I like your posted content, and I admire your dedication to peeling back the media illusion of public control of the "democratic" "election" machine.

Would you be interested in learning the history of how the American people were tricked into trading their God-given Rights and their constitutional protections of those rights, in exchange for 14th amendment "civil rights", which only amount to the right to live on US soil (literally).

This history isn't hypothetical. It's history, as it happened.
This history also includes a personal remedy that any American can exercise, and regain their God given rights.

I've already made my change of US political status, and I have reclaimed my God-given rights.

The US State Department has recognized my change of status, and has issued me a new passport which reflects my updated status.
The State Dept does not suffer fools. This is 100% lawfully, and legally legitimate.
It's the reason that the banksters are too big to jail.

You have the ear of the WotB community, and they seem to trust you, so they might listen to you.

You may be the right messenger. And it might even be the right time.

The Truth is often found in the most unassuming of places.

There is a bad news/good news caveat.

The bad news: You won't be able to vote with the new status (as a national, but not a citizen or a resident).

The good news: You can push the envelope with your reclaimed political and natural rights, and become an elector.


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Thanks for the kind words and for the link. I've added it to the (growing) list of videos I need to make time to watch when I'm not so inundated.

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Be careful with BISH I didn't discern wether he's a troll/spammer or not

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Bish and me used to spam long ago, that was when you still sucked your mummies milkers

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You've been busy this Dad's Day, Madam Mod!

The posts with link compilations are appreciated.