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Wait, is that wiki bio actually real?

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Surprisingly, yes. She needs PR support. That is the most horribly skewed Wiki record I've seen in a while. (It should be mainly about her, rather than her father, who might be mentioned instead further down-page.) She is being attacked. I know almost nothing about her, but the attack is obviously professional and meant to keep her out of politics, as much as possible.

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You realise Aimee edits that page, right?

If it's all about his father then that's Aimee's obsession, not anyone else's.

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Why is the socks account in every thread defending this censoring freak?

And Wikipedia being biased in a non-left direction...laughable.

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I noticed 2 accounts: one pretends to be a typical neonazi and one pretends to be a typical libtard. I wonder if they are trolls or clowns.

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Not sure you really want an answer, but as you may have seen, the ukpolitics subreddit mods supported her, while censoring and temporarily shutting down the conversation, because of a concern about doxxing &c.

I'm not really defending her, as I don't know much about her. What I'm seeing is a lot of hatred for her that is not based on any serious wrongdoing. She fucked up when she hired her father for something and paid the price. But the continued hatred for her is informative of a broader trend that's not really about her, but about trans people.

The problem with the Wikipedia page about her is that she's not managed to get someone to edit or move the stuff about her father down page. Not sure why that is.

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"hatred"? I thought we called this "consequences".

But the continued hatred for her is informative of a broader trend that's not really about her, but about trans people.

[citation needed]

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She got her consequences, and moved to a different country.

For the citation, simply read posts about this person and trans people. There are plenty on Saidit and elsewhere.

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She got her consequences

Working for Reddit as a consequence.

Your comments are like not funny jokes.

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Seems you've not read much about her. Not sure what's funny. And you seem to be obsessed with responding to my posts. Get help.

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They should be easy to provide, then.

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THey're provided in my other posts. If you look through my posts you'll see them.

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Uh-huh, sure.

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"She fucked up when she hired her father for something and paid the price."

At that time he used social media to push the defences claim that the victim had just been playing with sex toys.

It wasn't just a mistake. This guy was gaslighting over child rape to help a rapist escape justice.

Basically because you can only see trans people as poor victims rather than fully formed human beings you can't see a trans person might be bad. This attitude is exactly what draws abusers to taking a trans ID. They know they will always get the benefit of the doubt from biased people like yourself.

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You're in London, right?

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there are some well-paid writers who are helping to remove her from politics

What's the point of your baseless accusations? Do you have any evidence?

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It's an interpretation of the links and other information discussed in threads at Saidit. One of my comments here:

[–]Happy_Blueberry3910 10 insightful - 2 fun10 insightful - 1 fun11 insightful - 2 fun -  (3 children)

So you don't have any evidence, just running around and insulting people. I got it.

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I answered your various questions. I provided my interpretations of the information, websites, and threads, all of which contain the evidence you've asked for. Moreover, I doubt you're actually a happy blueberry.

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there are some well-paid writers who are helping to remove her from politics

Who paid them?

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Really? It's a well-known profession.

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HE. HE. HE. God fucking damn it.

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If you "misgender" Aimee, and I get how ridiculous that is, it just gives people ammunition to dismiss you as transphobic. Not that they need a reason to dismiss people as transphobic.

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I'd rather """Get in trouble""" than have anyone leaving that thread thinking this person is ACTUALLY a WOMAN.

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It's not about getting in trouble, it's about effective communication. You automatically turn some people off your argument by "misgendering" and then side track the conversation.

I call it the gender pretend game btw.

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Calling him a she IS misgendering him.

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Just say what comes into your head, don't over think it. Don't use up your time working it out.

Some I call he, some I call she.

I don't waste my brain cells on other people's special gender feelz.

Storme Delarverie said “People used to ask me if I preferred being called he or she. I said, ‘Whatever makes you comfortable’.”

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That didn't go over so well for the terfs and lesbians.

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We're still here.

I little name calling never hurt anyone.

It turns out words aren't actual violence and don't literally kill anyone.

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You're a terf?

Yeah the terfs are here cause they got kicked off reddit. They got silenced. People are getting sick of it but we're not in the clear just yet. Baby steps.

Speaking of babies... I name today's bowel movement Aimee cause it was fat, disgusting, and I can't believe it came from my ass.