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It's okay though. Most Americans have never even heard of Yemen and those that have think it's what a Jamaican says when you ask him if he wants a toke off your joint.

Outta sight man, outta mind, yemen.

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idk if most, but many americans dont really care about the me or any other part of the global empire american military is 'maintaining'. it can all be turned into a glass parking lot for all they care. i am not even sure i blame them, they just want to live their own lives in peace just like everybody else i guess.

and this simple, basic human trait is being exploited by the powers that shouldnt be.

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Well, as a counter point, two Americans are running this website to try and create more free speech to combat problems like Yemen, and so conversations like this can happen and maybe scale down some of these wars a bit or stop them entirely.

And for the record I know exactly where Yemen is. Next to Saudi Arabia and Oman :P

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yeah, but you are the exception to the rule! jk, jk. :-)

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I probably am to some degree, it's true that the average American isn't so great with geography, but that's kind of by design. Our rulers don't want the peons knowing what's actually going on with this giant military their tax dollars are funding.

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truth be told, the whole 'americans are ignorant' meme is a sterotype. people educated in other countries can be the same, eg a non-american programmer friend had trouble placing ivory coast. he knew its in africa, but that was it. and the level of 'care' is the same too i believe.