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Every time I read 1984 it gets scarier and scarier.

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We were always at war with Eurasia. And it’s doubleplus good

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Liberal enforcement of their echo chambers.

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The document urges journalists to “avoid terms like biological sex, along with biological male and biological female, which opponents of transgender rights sometimes use to refer to transgender women and transgender men, respectively.” AP argues that such terms are “redundant because sex is inherently biological.” Yet opponents of transgenderism use “biological” to emphasize the truth of biology against the very ideology AP insists journalists never mention.

This is an important one. People should just say "sex" but the modern gender ideology also often loops in sex to imply it is a social construct. This forces people to say "biological sex" and yes it's redundant but it's a forced redundancy because of these very people.

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In a few instances, the AP guide rightly discourages obnoxious or outdated terms like “tranny” and “transgendered.”

"Rightly." Fuck those word police thugs.

It also urges journalists to avoid the terms “trans-exclusionary radical feminist” or the acronym “TERF,” to refer to critics of transgenderism.

Terf is a badge of pride now. They're just trying to subtly kill that while pretending it's for more noble reasons.

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It is time to start applying everything they say about sex to race and calling out everybody who refuses to accept transracials as the race they identify as as the bigots they are. Just because you were assigned white at birth doesn’t mean that is your true self.

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(((fellow whites))) already do this

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As far as I'm concerned, "AP" [or is it (((AP)))?] has moved into the 'State-Controlled Media' category.

"Muh pRiVaTe CoMpAnY", my ass...