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Even if Saidit is where these subs go to die, it's the only option when the assholes' side have WON. They've made it clear that those who say the emperor is naked will be beheaded, and everyone has to agree it's the finest clothing in the world, it's the greatest thing ever, and beg to suck the emperor's covered dick.

Even if no one comes here, the only hope is that this move by the power mods is proof they're going mad with power, and as they do, they'll only ban more sites that don't bow down to them and solely be about their ideology, and the more they ban, the more come here.

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Well said. I really don’t like this whole “but this shows we’re winning” way some people are trying to cope with this. We’ve lost, there’s no way around it. The only way that woke ideology ends is in something horrible for everyone, and then we’ll probably be under the jackboot of something every bit as awful, just different.

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I think it's moving towards the end, but only because sooner or later the real life effects will show themselves. What happens when thousands of detransitioning girls speak up about being led into gender affirming surgery and hormones as teens, rendering them sterile and disfigured? I hate the thought but there's a gender hangover coming. And I'm fearful, as a gay dude, that the rage will not be just towards the media and gender health pipeline but the gay community itself by associaton.

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Troons own reddit. Trying to argue with them there is like sitting in someone's kitchen bitching about their cooking. It's not a fight you can win.

But the fight isn't on reddit. It's in the real world.

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And at least then, the one positive is the same people fighting hard on Reddit would keel over asking the cashier at Burger King for additional ketchup...aka the one way we haven't had open war.

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Nah, they can ban subs but most people don't actually agree with them. If Musk actually acquires Twitter just watch how people's real opinions explode.

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Is Musk planning on making Twitter more open to free speech? Why?

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Yup, he plans to strictly limit permanent suspensions and make it totally free speech.

That is IMO why its so threatening to progressives. Imagine Twitter where the anti-woke can freely express their positions without fear of moderation for "hate speech." It would be an enormous blow to the woke's attempts to suppress speech.

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Sometimes just the act of expression is enough. I'll continue to vent my frustrations by throwing content here even though it doesn't get anywhere near as much traction as Reddit. Fresh content = more people = more sanity hopefully.

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Thank you - I deleted my reddit acc after the whole fiasco the other day and as long as content keeps getting posted here Ill be sticking around. Sadly I dont come across much trans insanity myself (I stay away from the news and stay pretty isolated apart from when I used to use reddit) so I dont have much to post. Appreciate that youre helping keep this place going

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    I just wish I could contribute in some way

    But I cant

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    Absolutely. I'm much more likely to keep returning to saidit if there's fresh content.

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    The only way for a site like this to succeed is for people to use it. If they do, it will grow. If they don't it won't.

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    Forgive the self-promotion, but s/getthetout has replaced droptheT.

    Saidit seems to have a smaller but calmer, funnier, and more honest community. I deleted my Reddit account, which was a great decision. I wasted way too much time on that site.

    Maybe it would be worth checking out the Farms? That's a very active site full of TIA-grade content - especially the "Tranny Sideshows on Social Media" thread.

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    what actually happened to droptheT?

    Seemed pretty active, I lurked there every couple months and at one point it went private.

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    There was some drama there that resulted in the head truscum janny going nuclear and permanently privating it.

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    a shame then

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    If you don't want a sub to die on saidit, make more posts and make quality posts. That's how complicated it is.

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    Irl. You talk to people you know, especially who you don’t agree with.

    My advice is to approach delicately (“Do you mind if I ask you some questions? I guess I feel confused about this”), keep things personal to you and ask them a lot of questions about what they believe.

    Questions like “what’s a man/masculinity to you?” and “what’s a woman/femininity to you?” Depending on your own sex. Are good, and they will answer if you make them feel comfortable enough, and don’t feel like you’re trying to trap them.

    Of course their answers will sound really sexist, so then ask them if you don’t like those things, are you still a man/woman?

    They will usually also let slip some really concerning reasoning about why women don’t want to be the female gender. Let them outline their points. They might say “some women feel oppressed by expectations for women in society, or they were assaulted and don’t feel comfortable in their body anymore.” You can follow up with more open-ended questions, like “wow, interesting, so how do you think the assault led them to change genders?”

    If you’re talking to someone you know, tread carefully, and always inhabit the “I’m just confused and trying to understand” role. Never attack, never appear to be trying to trap them. They will close up and you may damage your relationship. Try to get them to explain as much as possible in their own words. Believe me, even they will notice how weird it sounds out loud.

    One of the most effective things you can do is to keep things personal. They will not want to invalidate your feelings. It goes against their ethos.

    For example, tell them honestly about how this hurts you personally: “I have been told I’m not a woman if I don’t like cultural stereotypes, and it makes me feel like I have to opt out of my own gender. It makes me feel alienated, and to my ears it sounds sexist. It’s frustrating to me.”

    If you were kind to them during the conversation, they will acknowledge your feelings, and possibly even agree with a couple of your points! It’s all baby steps.

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    If you're female or just a TERF like me you can go to Ovarit. That's where I hang out, most of the time.

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    All the radfem refugees from places like GenderCritical or LGBDropTheT or similar cesspools should have gone to ovarit or whatever other replacement of radfem hub they shat out in the first place. That way TiA wouldn't have been banned.