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Shart Tank and Dragon's Den. I'm gonna try the paris hilton cooking show too.

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Shart Tank

Is that like Fear Factor? Sounds disgusting.

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Shart Tank

*Shark Tank

Shart Tank would be very disgusting.

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Not at all. It's where you pitch your unique business ideas to investors. From what I recall.

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OMG I love Shark Tank and Dragon's Den!

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My cousin likes Shark Tank and Dragon's Den. I only saw the Canadian version of one of them, I forget which, and found it droll. 9+ years ago?

While I wouldn't kick her out of bed for eating crackers, I have no interest in Paris Hilton. And cooking shows make me hungry and envious and sad at my state.

So I avoid such things and try to dig my way out of my state and focus on making the epic I would want to see. (And just maybe it might bring me some "success" to escape my state.) Some days are good and some meh, and it's taking longer than I thought to configure the whole thing, but the more progress I make the more momentum it seems to have, yet it also becomes more apparent that there's ever so much yet to do in getting it out of my head and into words and images. Obviously consumes most of my thoughts. Its exhausting and invigorating simultaneously. And it's also disappointing and refreshing to be putting the pieces in place while leaving a pile of pieces on the side. I have too much story and/or backstory for just a movie, which is kind of a waste, but it's also better than trying to fill time or something. And now I'm trying to "cut" it all down to the essentials, without wasting time or feeling rushed within 2 hours 20 minutes, roughly. (It can always be edited down in post. 2001 and Fight Club were both about that length too, though I felt the former dragged and the latter whipped by.) Really, it might work better as a mini series.

I was actually thinking about PMing you before sitting down to this. I was gonna ask if there was a way of "sharding" the SaidIt database so that you could process, say, each year - then when it's time to look back, tally, search, etc then it could just calculate the most recent year then add that to the accumulated past years. And every year you start a new shard, and add the new shard to the old shard list and re-tally their totals. Or something. Maybe I'm just talking out my ass. Or hopefully it's something to think about 1) before the next upgrade, 2) towards decentralization modularization, and 3) general efficiency. Food for thought?

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i don't know what the goal of this sharding is. We could calculate all sorts of stats by year now if we wanted to. and we purposefully don't let posts become "archived" like on reddit.

your guilty pleasure shows don't sound very guilty to me. I'm glad that you're making progress on your mega-project.

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I feel guilty in that they are television shows - as in, a waste of time when I could be saving the world. Maybe I also feel guilty they aren't rare finds worthy of more interest.

In my mind, and I may be wrong, by embracing the sharding it might make it easier to share databases that aren't "complete". Rather than requiring a complete full database, one might be able to use a less than intact database, and collect the rest of the shards over time. Maybe I misunderstood what you and M7 did over the weekend. I thought you were recalculating the whole database, and down the road might need to again. I don't know what that entails but it might be neat if you could do that in parts, and maybe even in shard parts, then maybe it might not be such a big event - and be easier to share (and thus decentralize). Maybe I'm talking too abstractly about things I know nothing about.

I like that you don't archive stuff. I guess that's part of it too. Maybe there's a way to "archive" stuff, and then alter/build changes on it in later epochs.

I'm excited about BsS but fear I might be overselling it. But maybe not. The worst thing is knowing it's good, and not being able to show much yet. I'm ready to explode. But there's sooooooo much more to go before it's even presentable as a first pass. It's also frustrating because it starts very small and humble and builds to an epic scale - so you can't really fathom it until you understand the whole journey.

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An answer and a link. Getting 2 birds stoned at once!

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I've heard that folks like Trailer Park Boys, but I couldn't watch it then, and I wouldn't even have watched half way through that Best Of except I saw a young Ellen Page. Tragic more than funny.

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It's because it's so painfully stupid that it's fun to watch, it lets you turn your brain off for a while lol. Plus it's kind of part tragedy (as you said) and part "overcoming adversity"... just not in a wolf of wallstreet or Rambo kind of way.

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The painful part and watching people suffer is too much for me. I don't like the COPS shows and the Funniest Home Videos - and the YouTube equivalents - because people get hurt.

I didn't catch the "overcoming adversity" thing but that is indeed a worthy reason. And the unconventional nonconformist angle is also worth embracing.

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Los Espookies

Angie Tribeca -- though it got tiresome mid-way through the 2nd season, you can only do the same joke so many times.

Junkyard Wars (I think that's what it was called)

The Man Show (of course)

Most Extreme Elimination Challenge (MXC)

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I know about none of those, though I've heard the name Angie Tribeca.

By titles alone my curiosity has not been piqued.

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Who gives a fucking shit whether your curiosity has been piqued, you pompous ass

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You responded to my post. Further, you listed them without a reason why you liked them, tempting to no one and/or assuming we can read your mind, thus I wonder who really is the pompous ass.

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In which we are reminded that fuckwits exist to provide entertainment for the rest of us. Also, butthurt much?

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Unfortunately most fuckwits are not remotely entertaining, and the majority of entrainment propaganda's demographics are aimed at fuckwits.

My butt is fine. I don't know why it would hurt.

I fail to see your point, if there is one.

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We really enjoyed CHEER on Netflix:

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Looks good! 6 episodes, not too long, not too short.

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We loved it. It really showed how there is a lot more to it than glitter and scrunchies. It's bloody brutal

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Got it downloaded and ready to go.

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Let me hear your mat talk when you're done!

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I have no mat talk but I did watch it between now and when you recommended it. Brilliant! Thanks for the rec.

I've also enjoyed your concise videos! Great work.

If I were to do a show like that I'd try to offer one more thing that I have yet to see much of out there - a skeptical analysis of propagandist nature of "authority". Some people touch on it here and there, or you get Renegade Cut who is 1/3 woke and 2/3 good critical analysis, but no one seems to focus on it.

To clarify what I mean with one easy example is this: How come there aren't more shows about plumbers, architects, mechanics, vintage store owners, ambulance drivers, etc? More specifically, why are there sooo damn many always about cops, spies, military, politicians, and "authority"? Just like going to church weekly for your brainwashing, the abundance of "authority" in media is programming you to accept it. Even if you get some CIA asshats that clown it up all movie long - they are still the "authorities" with the power. That power, authority, and expertise remains unquestioned and intact. And they are usually allowed to "justifiably cross the line" without ramifications.

Obviously it's a huge pet peeve of mine. I don't expect you to inject this kind of subversive commentary into all your videos (though I would be a fan for life), but maybe feel free to amp it up a bit. Also, feel free to take use/abuse these words and ideas as you see fit.

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I'm glad to hear you enjoyed Cheer! I hope they make more, it was really engaging. On the cheer front, we also watched Cheer Squad but I don't think it was anywhere near as good as Cheer.

With reference to your other comment, in my recent video I briefly mentioned in my review for a Korean movie called Hide and Seek that one thing I liked was that the lead character was just an ordinary guy, not a cop or doctor or ex-military etc. He's just a dude that owns a coffee shop.

The catch with making videos / reviews is trying to keep viewers engaged, even if a video is less than 5mins long. These days with so much content available, people have very short attention spans, and unless a video is about something they are specifically interested in or sufficiently scandalous, they will click off very quickly.

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I saw your Cheer Squad vid. Obviously it didn't compel me to watch. When you recommended it I started watching Cheer! but stopped. It felt creepy and weird, and like I was a stereotype dirty old man. A while later it came up again on Nerdrotic, so I tried again and finally got past the initial weirdness - and was rewarded. Expertly presented. As was Tiger King, something else altogether.

Indeed. Andy Warhol said something about 15 minutes. MTV made it 15 seconds. Now it's 1.5 seconds, while multitasking.

I'm guessing you might already have seen many of these, but there might be something of interest you haven't...

Movie lists by topic, not all recommendable, but their scores on IMDb can indicate their quality:

I didn't watch/rewatch them all when adding them to these lists, nor have I bothered to actually review them as movies, and obviously there are a lot of blanks for notes about why they belong on the list.

If you write up reviews, comments, or other notes for any of the items in those lists I'd be happy to add your thoughts, with credit, or without, or just join InfoGalactic and contribute directly.

Book lists:

Above all: "The CIA As Organized Crime: How Illegal Operations Corrupt America And The World" by Douglas Valentine

Not on those lists:

Also, for your edutainment, should you seek it, my fave source for "friendly" content (though my wish list at the bottom remains largely unrequited, likely due to not being recent releases):

If you're interested I could dig up my fave movies list I wrote to a friend last year. Perhaps you might find some new ones, perhaps worthy of review/promotion. And if you can gleen the essence of why I love those movies, maybe you can recommend some new to me. Or we could just swap notes, or riff, or whatever.

Thanks for Hide And Seek. Love your voice and accent. Ever consider animation?

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Wow thanks man, a lot to take in. I will have a read through and explore your links. I am always down for watching / reading anything and love weird shit if its done right.

As for my accent, I am a New Zealander who has lived in Australia for over 10 years so its a bit of a mishmash these days! I have made some animations on my channel, but they are just silly joke things (the Toe Jam Football one is my favourite):

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I haven't properly watched a television series in years come to think of it.