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Clothes suck now though. I wanna peacock my mansion with dumbass looking shit bc i'm rich so fuck you! These days they can't pull it off, ripped jeans is the best idea they have ahahahahha. BTW I would have a mansion if we didn't have to compete with 4x the population trying to own land as we do now, and building regulations. Coral Castle would never been built for example. None of us get to do that without a lot of money.

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I agree that real estate has gotten stupidly expensive in most areas. Even modest homes are out of the price range of so many people.

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My relative couldn't buy a house in Seattle because as soon as they came on the market they were snapped up by Chinese desperate to get their wealth out of China. It was stolen wealth, and if the government found them they'd lose it. So they don't care about the house, the condition, if they can find renters, anything. Just buy, immediately. No faffing about with financing, a wire transfer to the bank for the full amount, tomorrow. And who cares if it rots or sits empty for 10 years? It's still better than losing their money by keeping it in China.

He eventually found a house - got lucky. It was mis-listed and he bought it before anyone else discovered the mistake.

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People will still argue population has no effect though. Guess they never had to share.