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I don’t get into the crates, the game is constantly evolving so I enjoy that aspect , it can be very frustrating and the game is not for everyone , it has a steep learning curve and you have to have a decent pc to run it ,a lot of heart ache involved in this game. But if you can deal with those things it’s a damn good game . Edit : I forgot to mention you can sell crates now and it can be lucrative, items in crates can range from pennies to hundreds of dollars , i personally sell my crates and have been hoarding steam credit I can buy other games with if I choose or use a third party and get real money

So, how i create a sub? by nynx1up in SaidIt

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Hopefully I don’t get banned here too

So, how i create a sub? by nynx1up in SaidIt

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Was wondering the same thing , thanks for clarifying