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The states and countries all bow down to the jewish banking Cartel

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if they post “inappropriate” content to the bank’s social media channels.

There's only so much you can berate the employees of a company before they 86 you. I know. Not really new.

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I seriously think we need to bring laws in to give people the right to things like bank accounts unless the courts or government seize them.

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What we need is to overturn the laws that banks have put in place to keep new competition from sprouting up.

Did you know that credit unions are not allowed to create thier own credit cards?

The barriers to starting your own bank need to be lowered.

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If we're going full steam ahead with digital systems, why do we even need a bank?

It's not like I need a place to protect my gold if it's just a computer somewhere.

The only reason I can see to have a bank is for fraud prevention refunds.

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Loans. Deposits. Card services.

Crypto can't deliver anything it has promised. It is not secure, or stable, and the fees are volatile and often extortionate. The ledger grows exponentially and so does the cost of running the system. Someone has to pay for the hardware and operations costs.

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Eh? I wasn't talking about crypto. I just meant the whole point in a bank is to hoard your things behind security. If it's just numbers on a computer, then why is a bank not just "online", or in a box in your own house. What's the middle man even for at that point?

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That's not how banks work.

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If only I was a jew lol

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Better open a Monero wallet while they still can.