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LOL, I actually remember this. This was the very beginning of the series. These are the peaceful artistic race, the Navaho of the stars, who predictably get crushed. You left out the best part, though, watching the doom spaceship destroy them all without breaking a sweat and go on to wreck their planet. By the time this last-ditch attack comes out, they had lost long ago. Think of them as space Europeans without idiot Americans to care for them and spend on their behalf and send their soldiers to die for their ungrateful asses. By the time the situation is lost, their pathetic militaries fight and are quickly rolled over.

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They were immortal and no longer cared about the rest of the universe. They hid behind their impenetrable time shields. Kai and the rebels flew out to fight, but it was pointless because the rest of the Brunnen-G race were decadent, immortal, and uncaring.
Their story was explained in musical - Season 2 Episode 18 - Brigadoon I remember this episode because of the song about none of the Brunnen G knowing who their children, grand children, or great grandchildren were because they were immortal and lost all their memories.
Kai ends up fulfilling the great prophecy and killing the Great Shadow and ending the empire.
On paper the series sounds amazing, but watching it shows that it is completely wacky and strange and amazing.

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Someway, somehow, this made it to New Zealand TV. I used to watch it. It was very different. I always think of this song.