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The funny thing is that you can replace a canary but that defeats the purpose. Once it dies, it died. Who is to say this is a legit canary?

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The sequence of events is so odd. Magnora is taking a break for 4-5 months - his account is randomly active on reddit again spamming the same sentence 15~ times across different subs (which I’ve never seen him do, I would never imagine him doing that!), and as soon as we start discussing the canary issue, here he is!

And, his only other comment on SaidIt in months is in the very thread where we were pointing that out and discussing the canary. And it’s a short ass one too.

Again, I wish this didn’t feel so sus to me and I hope this is magz and he’s ok.

But I’m officially skeeved. The timing, everything, it’s strange to say the least.


Magnora7, two years ago:

magnora7[F,S] 2 insightful - 0 fun - 2 years ago

Thanks, it's approximately monthly. I just posted the new one, thanks for the reminder.

I know if we set a date I'll just accidentally forget one time and everyone will freak out over nothing... let's just say if there's ever a 2 month period without one, and I still haven't posted one even after people have reminded me to do so, then something is definitely up. That is the red flag I would keep an eye out for.

magnora7[F,S] 2 insightful - 0 fun - 2 years ago

Oh okay, I see. Then I think 2 months between posts would be a good maximum before people should get seriously worried. I will still aim for posting monthly though. Just look at the timestamp of the most recent post, if it says 2 months, then everyone can get worried.

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Prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

Always remain skeptical and vigilant.

Time will tell.

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I think the appropriate response is continue onward as if the canary is dead. Would definitely be safer that way.