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Actually that doesn't remove the banner, or even the header. It only removes the logo.

by u/OmegaUser296


I just gave wrote that for you. I took a relevant snip of my CSS code kludged together from lots of sources, and modified that snip to your need and shared it with you, with the exception of the big space and the /* comment */.

I don't care about stolen valor or credit, but really man, check the ego. A thank you in the credit is a nice acknowledgement but not critical or expected, unless marked so. Not super experienced in the realm of code, maybe I'm wrong.

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Oh shit wrong credit in the code that's on me, I'll edit the snippet. Also I say Logo and Banner interchangeably in this case.

Fixed the credit (Sorry about that I must have gotten my stuff mixed up I was doing a lot at once)

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No worries.

I don't need or even want the credit.

And if you're editing you can remove big space before none, and more importantly change "Banner" to "Logo".

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