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SaidItSurvey : How To Gently Red Pill Newbie Truthers (please read and comment)

Christmas dinner is wrapping up and I'm trying to fill the droll silence with questions for my 11 year old nephew and 8 year old niece as they lack initiative to volunteer their interests, in part because I don't see them often. As a non-gamer prying details about Minecraft and Fortnite out of the shy guy is a little like pulling teeth. She's amiable and likes most of the jokes she can get that I lob at her. I don't mind kids but I really can't relate to them, especially if I hardly know them.

I nearly get whiplash as seemingly out of nowhere the conversation shifts as my sister-in-law declares that she loves "true crime". I'm like WHAT!?! Suddenly I've got my "in". We talk about O.J. Simpson, Making A Murderer, The West Memphis Three, etc, how the police can frame people as do the media (surprising to her), and that there are often hidden agendas, deeper layers, and more than the one official story or the two left-right perspectives to view historical, current, and future events.

She's got a life. So she's never heard of "Truthers" or "SJWs" or even that 9/11 was an inside job. My 72 year old Mom knows the 9/11 story doesn't make sense and that there is rampant hypocrisy with Jewish victimhood - but she doesn't like talking about war, politics, or corruption in general, much less at Christmas - but that's another story.

So I'm a little perplexed about how to go about this.

I firmly believe Trutherism is a legitimate field of study on anti-corruption, anti-authoritarian, and skepticism in general. So if Atheists could ever have tax-free organizations or Anarchists have a political party, perhaps one day some Truther skeptics can have beliefs and defy suppression to become a religion or political party for fair representation and entitlements (until they inevitably get infiltrated and corrupted). That said, despite the religious-like understanding that every person counts in the war against elite corruption and their corporatocracy, I want to leave as much dogma behind and start from scratch by respecting free will, an individual's freedom, and the right to make up one's mind in their own time and in their own way. To most of us these are among the fundamentals of anyone skeptically seeking truths. Accept or reject or neglect to decide on anything as you see fit.

Yet I don't have copious amounts of hours and days and weeks and months and years to teach her how to become a Truther blackbelt Jedi. I'm not even keen on changing her life in any dramatic way. (I've also got my own life, goals, etc.) I only want to show her how to open her mind should she choose to expose herself to the deeper layers of the esoteric authority matrix and simple fundamentals that apply to all hierarchical systems.

But once you take the red pill you can't unlearn the knowledge. YOu can only try to forget or gain more perspectives on it.

True Crime leads to Organized Crime and Black Ops and Psy Ops and Corporate Crimes and State Crimes and War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity and ...

This is fortuitous in several ways. I was not expecting to start yet another new minor project, "How To Gently Red Pill Newbie Truthers". In a way it ties into my other projects, "Truther Top 20s", "Trutehrism 101" (forthcoming animated series project), my collection of rated A++ and A+++ videos that I will soon add to a YouTube playlist, etc.

Earlier yesterday I was arguing with my Mom about being fed propaganda verses seeking out the "truth". How can I know what is crap information in mountains of crap media and when I think I have gold how do I know it's not crap? It's a very valid concern.

I think of SaidIt, YouTube, etc as the mountain stream of incoming news and data and I'm just a guy with several project pans sifting and collecting the gold digital nuggets to present to everyone, and perhaps I may sculpt them into my animated series for all to enjoy. SaidIt flows with far more gold than most, but it still requires work. Maybe one day, sooner or later, others will pitch in.

I intend to soon give up this sifting to devote to the major animation "Trutherism 101" project, but I still need to establish the foundations within these smaller projects to cross reference with folks. People who are new to trutherism or experts new to some topics may like some solid guides to help them start their research.

To my point, How To Gently Red Pill Newbie Truthers?

First, is that a good title. Can it be shorter or better?

Next, I'm looking for soft introductions, without too much gore or political controversy, contrary narratives that can be quickly easily digested and accepted, a paradigm shift, without much sacrificed.

The best example that comes to my mind is the Olympic/Titanic switch. It's so far in the past, the official story is so well known, and there is nothing really to lose when you learn what they don't tell you. I've already written it up (see the next comment).

My Mom is skeptical on 9/11 but hates it when I discuss Sandy Hook and the Boston Bombing, even though no one was hurt and it was all staged. The thought of looking at crime scenes, real or faked is abhorrent to her, and the idea of trying to find photos of dead children in that school as proof is way too far. Even though you won't find any (but let me know if some magically appear), some things even in theory, like Pedogate, are too much for some to handle. We don't need to see the corpses of the 8+ wars or learn all the details about Pizzagate to learn and know that our governments are corrupt, our media manipulates, and the corporatocracy is evil.

So I'm looking for other softball "conspiracy theories" to start with.

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This is the "Introduction to Trutherism" email I sent her today (Part 1 of 2):

I tried to keep my political views to a minimum. I hope I didn't ruin anyone's Christmas. I certainly got whiplash and thrilled when you declared how much you like true crime.

Why is is okay to geek out on music, movies, television, sports, and celebrities?

Why is is okay to geek out on Star Wars, Marvel, games, or other fictional stuff?

Why is is okay to geek out on thrillers, murder mysteries, horror movies, and other fictional stuff?

Why is is okay, but less so, to be fascinated by true crime (small time) and serial killers?

Why is is not okay to be fascinated and activists against true organized crime, psychological operations, corporate corruption, systemic injustices, and perpetual war?

"They", the establishment, will not tolerate any significant threats to the status quo and their intertwined matrix of rigged systems of control. It's all connected for what they call "full spectrum dominance", a term usually reserved for warfare - but "they" are perpetually at war with the common people, their finances, their lives, and their minds.

Alice, you have started into the realm of rabbit holes. Are you sure you want to take the Red Pill? You can't unlearn what you may learn and the more perspectives you have the better your triangulating focus becomes and the deeper layers are unveiled.

If you don't mind, I'd like to do an experiment with you.

You are a perfect candidate, soooo perfect, being a true crime fan while never hearing about Truthers or SJWs nor delving into "conspiracy theories".

I'd like to develop an "Introduction to Trutherism" type course for you and make it available for the public at large.

Basically, I'd like to present you with blander things and work up to the heavier stuff, knowing the context of what went before. You can say no right now or pause or quit at any time. Some things are difficult to swallow and digest. I had a few things dramatically shift my paradigms, and even had trouble with a few.

I know you have a life. I don't want to waste a second more than necessary. So I would aim to keep the "course lessons" (my emails/posts) as short and loaded with as much as possible for maximum impact. Further, I will add copious links to verify what is being claimed. All sources have their biases, even "mainstream" corporate media and it's echo-chamber based Wikipedia, and while they may lie or censor or omit some content, I will try to bring you the best sources IMHO.

I don't expect you to read or even check all the links but I want to provide them for you should you choose to validate for yourself. Citations are the fundamental foundations for Truthers. Without back up sources things get's mighty flimsy. Another Truther axiom, "trust but verify". And another, "after viewing all perspectives, make up your own mind."

Side note - I've often had a belief one way or another despite collecting all the information I could on it. Then ages later, on something completely unrelated, a few more things trickle in that completely flip my opinion on that other thing. Those ones are very memorable when they come out of left field and solve half the puzzle in an instant.

While I will try to repackage a topic all into a contextualized nutshell for you I will likely include some "homework", in that I would expect you to watch or listen to some media, or even read further. Again, the goal is efficiency so I'll try to keep it to a minimum for maximum impact. Ideally I'd like to give you something short, informative/education, with entertainment/comedy, and a high production value (not amateur, poorly edited, etc). But that is not always available. Sometimes I will be compelled to ask you to watch a long dry info-packed semi-boring documentary. Ideally I'd indicate the must-see portion(s) for you and let you choose to see the rest or not.

My further advice is listen or watch podcasts or videos at 150% or 200% speed or faster if you can. It takes some getting used to but before long it's second nature and more like reading - with the ability to do other chores and things. For this it's good to learn the hotkeys to skip back 3 or 10 seconds on the occasions you don't catch it.

I can't say how often I will be researching, compiling, drafting, and sending you these "lessons". Maybe once a week or maybe once every two or three months. If you express interest on it in general or on certain matters I can certainly dedicate more energy towards whatever you like. I happen to have some resources ready almost semi-prepared so initially I'll just pick the low hanging fruit for you.

We could meet in person to discuss this stuff if you like, my calendar is wide open. I understand if it's not convenient so definitely don't worry about it. I know writing emails is a pain and usually I avoid emails at all costs. Sometimes I don't look at it for many months and miss nothing. If you do chose to respond, I'd like to quote you if that's okay. I won't quote you without your permission first. I'd be happy to keep you anonymous if you like. I'd also be fine if you choose to join the sites I mainly hang on to participate. Another option is that I could post to you every time you get mentioned (not necessarily by name) so you could either interact with it directly or just lurk there and report to me any concerns you may have to deal with. Not that I expect any. Further, everything I do online is 100% transparent. If you ever want to see what I'm up to on these sites my entire history is freely accessible. - my user page, on an uncensored Wikipedia mirror forked wiki - my profile page, on an uncensored non-partisan anti-corruption Reddit-style site

You're certainly most welcome to join these free sites but I before you do I really recommend you ask me for my full take on them. Not because of anything I object to, but because there are pros and cons and I don't want you to be surprised or feel tricked, if you find yourself over your head or turned off by something. That made it sound worse. But it's true I want to inform you of all the aspects I know of you should be aware of if you should happily choose to join these interesting communities.

Typically I would try to provide only 1 digestible lesson, but this time for your first 2 "Introduction to Trutherism" lessons I will show you what I will and won't typically do.

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(Part 2 of 2):

Lesson 1: The Titanic Conspiracy.

Unless you have profound religious connection and deep historical investment in the fate of those aboard the Titanic (this is an intentionally loaded statement that may eventually become apparent down the line) then it's pretty safe to say that the well-known "official" narrative about the Titanic is a soft easy target to uproot and flip your head with little collateral damage.

I wrote this paragraph 23 days ago, copied from something I wrote on another site before, and added some more links today.

I wrote these paragraphs (responding to that paragraph) for you and everyone today.

Besides reading my two postings I hope you'll watch and compare the two documentaries. Feel free to read the greater context of the discussions and the reference links as you see fit, but don't feel like you need to.

A page worth of text and two documentaries. That's more than I'd prefer in text, and way more than I'd prefer to give you for "homework". My idea is to plant seeds and water them with reference links that you may or may not follow as you like. In this case I guess I'm laying the groundwork and plowing the field first, to prepare you for oncoming mind-flips.

Lesson 2: O.J. Simpson was framed.

This is how I won't be preparing these "lessons" - in an overload of information and "homework". But since it came up yesterday, and you're already familiar with the MSM (mainstream corporate media) narrative, I thought I'd use this as an excellent teaching device. This Reddit-style post on SaidIt links to a PDF file someone wrote and another guy posted as if it were a legit truther-type article. "The O.J. Simpson trial was faked." is a poorly written counter-narrative that intentionally or accidentally discredits legitimate truthers, investigative independent journalism, and specifically the innocence of O.J. Simpson. This misinformation is spread intentionally by infiltrators or ignorantly by well-meaning useful idiots. (I intend to expose you to a lot of new terms, common parlance, and professional jargon used among political elites, spy-craft agents, military industrial complex, historical revisionist, conspiracy, philosophical, economists, and truther realms.)

While the essence of the document is somewhat true, it's still so poor that I won't deconstruct it. Rather I put forth another paragraph I'd written last year, with an abundance of reference links and many true crime podcast episodes directly related to this topic. I could go on but I think I covered it and the post speaks for itself.

I care little about a rich celebrity getting taken down. I care little about one individual's innocence or guilt. I'm not saying he was a good or bad person or whether he was guilty of other crimes or not. I'm just saying that it seems he could not have murdered those two people and many systems were cooperatively targeting him, and if him then who else as well? So much much much bigger still, the O.J. Simpson case is far more profound than what happens to that one guy. There is a multi-pronged systemic racist war being waged upon Black people that goes beyond one city's one instance of racist cops planting evidence. It goes far beyond the rigged laws, the social engineering, the economic lures and traps, the racist judicial systems, the over-packed prison industrial complex, the intentional destruction of the family unit, and the manufactured consent through the propaganda. There is a reason why so much Black music is gangster-thug music and the images are all about booty and bling. Those aren't legit representatives of Black culture. Activist music is all but gone. "Fuck Tha Police" was the last Black accidental activist anthem over 20 years ago. The activist assassinations of Tupac and Biggie were as planned as the Malcolm X and Martin Luther King assassinations - by assets or agents of the state that then installs puppet token "leaders" to monopolize and control the narrative, fuel the division, and incite more problems than solutions keeping us from focusing on the real problem - the corporatocracy. This is just the tip of this iceberg, but that's a conspiracy for another day.

Also, one wonders why Israel is attacking Damascus yesterday, Christmas, and today. It's not very Christian of them, but I guess they're not..

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Wow, man. You'll be very lucky if Alice doesn't instantly go no-contact forever.

See that guy in the picture you used? Now look in a mirror. What do you see?

I'm kind of joking, kind of not. IMO, any ONE sentence from your two-part essay would have been enough, if not more than enough, for someone who is not used to this.

We don't realize how we've gotten used to it over time, but it takes time, a lot of time and reflection. Also, I like to keep in mind an affirmation: "All growth is uncomfortable"- so you're making people uncomfortable just by raising the subject. Necessary, but one must go very softly at first. I've lost a couple of really good friends, friends of years and years, not paying attention to this.

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But I'm not good at holding back. (Look at my other posts and comments.) Also, I know I'm over explaining a LOT always because I don't have facial cues, or know what they know. I don't want there any room for confusion or misinterpretation.

Alice of Wonderland. That's not a real name, to be clear.

I know it takes time. And effort in study. Years even, to become a blackbelt truther.

Softly is the key. And this is a massive collision of information and jargon with a misleading "Gentle" title. The idea was to get past a full disclosure, then provide something like the Lesson 1 or less every couple weeks or months to digest on.

We haven't even approached 9/11, false flags, psy-ops, propaganda, assassinations, war crimes, or worse matters.

I need help softening it. Any chance you're interested in developing a truther curriculum? And/or maybe even as a Truther Top 20 Stages Of Becoming A Truther?

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Jason, I hate to rain on your parade, but no, I can't help you. And I wouldn't if I could. You are "tone-deaf" about this: can't you hear the crazy in the stuff you're saying, even to me?

Truth is good. Foaming at the mouth like this is bad. There is hope for you: you have realized that "Softly is the key". Now you have to figure out what that looks like to the other person. It's a good attitude.

I know, I know, there's more crap out there than we'll ever be able to explain, never mind counter. Thing is, Alice isn't interested! You have to give people the opportunity to be themselves, and the fact your hair is on fire has nothing to do with that.

My advice? Study George Carlin. He knew how to do it, in fact he was kind of a genius about it.

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Again, I agree.

Being so passionate about it that I become a mouth-foaming tone-deaf alienating ranter is not just problematic in these writings but it also affects my relationships at times. Crazy in tone but not in content? I don't even know how to address that.

If you mean crazy passionate I agree. If you mean crazy crazy I don't agree. Of course crazy people may not know they're crazy. And "only a mad man is the only sane person in a mad world."

Alice is interested. She's already got a self inspired keen interest in (small time) true crime, know the cops can frame people, and a decent basic Canadian understanding of geopolitics. She's just so busy with a normie life, she has not learned how to research alternative sources, seek out good leads and recommendations, and separate the gold from the mountains of crap, nor to organize it all in one's head with a career, family, responsibilities, and a life.

Further, it's not just about me letting her being herself, she's my sister-in-law, and it's also about her letting me be myself. This is a way to connect and relate to family over common interests. And maybe she can help me put my hair out.

Funny you mention Carlin. He certainly walks the tightrope. Just yesterday I checked out this video, and even watched the very familiar rant through for the illustrations. There are intense rants with a punchlines and release. That's already my formula for my animated series - like a newspaper comic strips setup and punchline. "You Have NO Choice - George Carlin"

I don't know why you wouldn't help if you could. (But maybe you are.)

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I don't mean that you are crazy; I mean that your passion leads you to alienate unwitting souls who will perceive you as crazy, when ffs all they did was 'walk into the room'. Which will damage your message.

There are a couple of reasons to be gentle with Alice, and anybody else like her. One, the scenario I paint for you above this. Two, I remember (and you likely will remember) a season in your reading where the enormity of the thing, realizing that this isn't just a bunch of stupid sandbox tantrum accidents, that you were encountering an opposing will (!) -it's pretty depressing. You have to wonder if it's really necessary to wake up everybody...some people will be very unhappy about this, even possibly will be unable to handle it.

I've gotten very selective about where and when I'll bring this stuff up. And the reason I won't help you is twofold also. One, I don't know that much, and I can't trust what I think I know. Sources are nothing to write home about when all you have is your computer. Two, it's a double-edged sword, you can damage other people and yourself with one blow if you are effective enough. I know, it's a mistake to leave the sheep wandering around by themselves, or so I'm told...but is it? I'm not much more than a sheep myself, certainly not a wolf, certainly not capable of confronting a demon.

I have an unshakable faith that it will play out regardless. Did I spend my life depressing other people in an effort to resist the expression of some ineffable evil? Was it worth it? I dunno, not my department.

I do think it's important for some people (like yourself) to see it all. But as for educating everybody? Not so sure about that. The ones who can handle it will find you, not often the other way around. That's what I think.

Some conspirologists think George cut too close to the bone and was removed, in spite of mere bad health. Don't know what I think about that either, or Joan Rivers' demise. I do believe I don't know enough to play at this level in any form that involves others than me.

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I don't mean that you are crazy


"A man speaking sense to himself is no madder than a man speaking nonsense not to himself." ~ Tom Stoppard's Rosencrantz And Guildenstern Are Dead

Alice chose to walk in the room. That's where it starts. The trick is to be gentle introducing more rabbit hole doors to walk though without making her want to leave the building.

It can get pretty depressing for some, and I can totally see why. As a "creative type" I've always been on some levels an outsider and have either embraced, hid, or waved my freak flag according to my mood at the time. So I've never been a fan of the system nor needed its approval and definitely didn't want its authority. But clearly some folks feel differently and I can see how they may be traumatized by what you call the "opposing will" and I call the "exploitative matrix of control".

I'm not after everybody, though I wouldn't mind if everyone could see our neon caution sign so they could choose to enter the room or not. And having entered the first room this giant "terms of service" type ambush is a bit much but I don't know how else to caution a person before they drink deep of the Red Pill.

Your points about not helping are very valid and well stated. There are indeed demons.

(I just looked this up to find the complete titles of his two introductory near-definitive books to discover he'd been assaulted and driven from North America... )

There's a lot to life. "Wasting" it or "appreciating" it is all in the judgement of it, and that assessment is based on values and meaning. I fart around on SaidIt and elsewhere wasting time yet learning too, building up my vault of "knowledge" for my self-defined crusade. I don't have faith it will just play out without a defensive strategy, much less offensive. Further, I can't imagine doing anything else just to pass my privileged lifetime away until a comfortable retirement, as all else would seem far less meaningful in addition to the self-guilt and hypocritical inauthentic feeling of just doing little or nothing about these known corrupt evils. Every moment an unimaginable number of lives are profoundly affected negatively as the elites tighten their grip with more powerful technologies than ever before. I already feel bad enough that I'm not more focused and productive.

I'm not out to change everyone, or to make them see it all, or even just enough. Apparently it only takes 2% of a population to manifest change. Not everyone in Ireland was a bomber against the evil UK Empire, but those few were supported with food, money, shelter, etc and that support is critical.

Honestly I wouldn't be surprised if they got to Carlin or Rivers. Old age allows for natural health problems as cover. If they got to his doctor or pharmacist it'd be easy enough to exacerbate any issue into a legit problem demanding another solution, etc. I wonder if they got to David McGowan too, like they did with Bob Marley or FDR.

I appreciate the feedback. I may have a new male "recruit" from completely different circles too.

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Wishing you very well on your journey, which must of course be your own. Mine's fine, I'm happy with the flow.

As a brief glimpse of my overview, I'll mention that this has all happened before many times, albeit without these particular modern tools for control. I'm quite an appreciator of the I Ching, a rather cryptic map of the rolling wheel of yin/yang. "What is full must empty. What is empty must fill". Though I consult it very seldom, I approve of the concept.

"The fool on the hill sees the sun going down, and the eyes in his head see the world spinning 'round" ....

I appreciate the chance to discuss it with you. Salute, fellow traveller!

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You have a unique view. Knowing what we know and how rigged it all is, yet believing that it will all work out and that life is just suffering, and that's okay, seems like unattainable bliss. Not the ignorance is bliss kinda bliss, because you know, and yet seem to be care free (not careless) and tranquil about it.

FYI. My "Truther" this and that project titles are to help avoid confusion. There's enough confusion seeking truth out there. "Trutherism 101" is one of my two major projects, the other has a title I'm quite sure you might like, but I can't share it because I want to buy up all the domains etc before I unveil it - so in the meantime a friend came up with a jokey working-title, "Foiled Again". No one gets foiled, much less again, but it's a funny reference to Tin Foil Hats. Ironically I started the Trutherism 101 to get all the conspiracy stuff out of my system so I could focus on the other project without weighing it down with preachy shit.

Trutherism 101 has a man on a hill - a stereotype avoided but then ultimately embraced. A fool sometimes as it is intended to be a comedy.

I've added that Beatles song to my playlist to seek deeper meaning into the sermon on the mount.

Here's one for you: MC 900 Ft. Jesus with DJ Zero "Spaceman"

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Forced to my view by emotional sensitivity. I simply can't bear to spend all day under a shower of psychological poison; just as it's possible to live too long, it's possible to know too much.

Thanks for your kind reply.

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This is absolutely hilarious!


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First of all this course you are developing looks pretty badass and I could see it reaching a lot of people. I look forward to the whole series if that's what's going on.

As far as red pilling in general, I think it all starts and ends with 9/11. It's the one conspiracy that r/conspiracy can all agree on, it's recent and has huge holes in the official explanation, involves foreign policy and particular "allies", and killed a bunch of US citizens.

Part of me feels that convincing someone of this single conspiracy is enough to send them down a productive path, regardless of whether they look into additional conspiracies.

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Thanks for the encouragement, from you and everyone else here, whether they get to read this or not.

I feel conflicted. Making a course, is of course, of course, good. But it'd be a full time gig. And I keep getting distracted from my animation project that I think would entice a LOT more viewers, yet leave them semi high and dry. There are countless resources, but I have not seen many "courses" out there, much less simple, to the point, clear, concise, pithy, tight, (not-redundant) courses, with humour and juicy intrigue rather than the stereotypical dry history. That's my goal anyway. If they have these TT20 lists and maybe some intro courses maybe some will become the new stewards of the Trutherism curriculum and I can focus on the animation instead of my long tedious spiels.

I think Richard Grove's Tragedy & Hope teaches history lessons, Jan Irvin's LogosMedia (formerly GnosticMedia) teaches the Trivium and Quadrivium, Mark Passio's The Great Work teaches Natural Law, Derrick Broze of The Conscious Resistance teaches progressive voluntarist/anarchist alternative solutions, etc. (That's off the top of my head and I know I'm forgetting one in particular on the tip of my brain.) And of course The Corbett Report, TruthStream Media, ReallyGracefull, and all the other great shows out there are wonderful resources.

But most of them are heavy, long, tedious, too detailed, gruesome, humourless, etc. I want tight irrefutable digestible addictive near meme/soundbites packed with multilayer meaningfulness and an abundance of references and links to explore from. I want "Trutherism 101" to be to deep truthers what fentinol is to heroin. I've never done crack or smack so maybe that's a terrible analogy. :P

( At some point I intend to adapt my old long list ( ) into better organized Truther Top 20 recommended sampling lists with pros, cons, criticisms, accolades, and recommendations. )

Most of my study now, 90%+, is redundant with new details. As a new stories comes to me I usually know how it will all play out, and with repetition I'm just getting better with the same old names etc and learning a few new details, dates, and faces to simply just confirm my understanding of the control matrix.

I said to "Alice", when I was a kid and found out about Santa, I didn't automatically make the connection that the Easter Bunny and Tooth Fairy were also parent tricks. And it takes most people, myself included, a long time to realized the Full Spectrum Dominance really means everything possible and ALWAYS wanting more. Rich is never rich enough.

I agree. 9/11 is the pinnacle. The OKC building shortly before it didn't have the technological coverage (video, photo, etc) nor the massive scope and ramifications, nor did it start perpetual foreign wars and draconian domestic measures, globally. Of course there's been Machiavellian malfeasance and secret surveillance since the dawn of time. History is VERY important for context. But we're not going to get JFK justice (or for countless other crimes) especially when most involved have passed on. 9/11 is the big fat obvious first huge key. I think all the Corbett documentaries are stand alone lessons. I just wish they were "shinier". MSM and their gloss have an advantage for sure.

IMHO I think 9/11 might be the second half of level 1.

Also, to be clear (because I try not to leave room for doubt, and because I don't think I've expressed this before) I want to avoid things I don't feel very certain about (never 100% or 0% about anything). Part of a later more advanced level, or a parallel optional level, may touch on esoteric stuff simply to familiarize folks with all the jargon and references that come up from time to time. If anyone has issues, questions, refutations, etc I welcome them. If anyone wants to help, that is welcome too.

The shorter, tighter, glossier, funnier, most paradigm shifting, and to the point the better. This is for folks with lives and responsibilities, like soccer-moms, dad-bods, and single parents - all struggling to get by in a world of distractions and propaganda who don't have the time nor inclination to do the hard research.

Since I'm on a rant, I might as well start laying it out. This is literally my first draft...

I have to cut it up to comment.

It's a start.

Ripe for TT20 lists.

Might also be an alternative flow to my plans for the Trutherism 101. I'll compare later. Need sleep.

So I just remembered a 2 weeks old A++ Tim Kelly interview with "Charlie Robinson on The Octopus Of Global Control", his new conspiracy theory book, like an encyclopedia of sorts for truthers, newbies and experts alike. I should prolly get that before I continue a lot more on this.

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Yeah I hear you about time management and trying to make progress on a project when there are others lined up, it's tough. For what it's worth yeah you should probably focus on your animations since they have huge meme like potential and you have the skills.

But most of them are heavy, long, tedious, too detailed, gruesome, humourless, etc. I want tight irrefutable digestible addictive near meme/soundbites packed with multilayer meaningfulness and an abundance of references and links to explore from.

Love it

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Level 1 - Introductory Skepticism Toward The Media, Authority, History, And War

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Level 1B - 9/11, The Very Origin Of The Globalists War Of Terror, Begun With False Flag Lies

  • plus

  • Alternative solutions and resources

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Whetr is September 11th New Pearl Harbor doc? The best doc on 9/11.

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Level 2 - Introductory Skepticism Toward All Establishment Systems

Recommended truther channels with higher production value but less frequent releases that are too the point and glossy presentations for those with no time to waste on interviews, sloppy podcasts, live chats, over detailed repetitive redundant tedious tiring boring documentaries ad naseaum, etc etc etc etc etc etc.

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Level 3 - Introductory Skepticism Toward Elite Power Through History

  • The Templars

  • The Venetians and Webster Tarpley

  • Secret Societies, Freemasons, Illuminati, New World Order, Bohemian Grove, The Builderberg Meetings

  • Jekyll Island, The Federal Reserve, WTO, IMF, etc, and the countless NGOs, and the BIS at the top

  • Understanding the Fed Rez, fiat currency, debt, the entire system is a scam

  • "Century of Enslavement: The History of The Federal Reserve" by James Corbett

  • "Hidden History: The Secret Origins of the First World War", 2014 & "Prolonging The Agony: How The Anglo-American Establishment Deliberately Extended WWI by Three-and-a-Half Years", 2018 = 2 books by Gerry Docherty & Jim Macgregor a major source for James Corbett's 3-part documentary series, "The WWI Conspiracy - Part One: To Start A War" (2018-11-11), "The WWI Conspiracy - Part Two: The American Front" (2018-11-19), "The WWI Conspiracy - Part Three: A New World Order" (2018-11-30).

  • WWII myths & statistics

  • "Tragedy And Hope: A History of the World in Our Time", a 1963 book by Carroll Quigley, is a rare insiders view and a tedious but revealing intellectual analysis of power without realizing any problems with it. Because it's not reader friendly, yet because it's so critically important, many historians have broken it down and analysed it. Joe Plummer is most famously an indie rock drummer but is also an independent researcher who has released his 2016 book, "Tragedy And Hope 101: The Illusion of Justice, Freedom, and Democracy", in every format FREE of charge (except hard-copies) available at and most bookstores - as well as Plummer's other books.

  • Zionism, Mossad, B'nai B'rith, etc. Jewish history, and a brief history of Palestine

  • The Holocaust exaggeration myth

  • Other real genocides less covered in media, without reparations

  • Operation Paperclip, MK Ultra, Moon Landing, Boeing X-37, etc

  • Understanding the Deep State and all these unaccountable Secret Agencies

  • History of FBI and CIA operations

  • History of the Bush Family

  • History of the Clinton Family and their corrupt foundation

  • "Obama: A Legacy of Ashes" by James Corbett

  • History of some billionaires

  • Adam Curtis short documentary "HyperNormalization" in relation to modern events and Trump

  • CIA, etc in Hollywood

  • The portrayal of authority in mass media propaganda

  • Censorship, infiltration, etc

  • Deep Web documentary

  • Internet neutrality, copyright activism, decentralized web alternative solutions