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Today is the birth of the new religion... TRUTHERISM!

As was foretold long ago, on 2019-02-06, thirteen days ago... "2019-02-19 = PREPARE FOR THE NEW RELIGION!" /s/Religion/comments/c8r/20190219_prepare_for_the_new_religion/


is the name of this Neo-Religion.

What is this religion all about? You tell me. Here's a few ideas to start.

  1. Truth with Teeth - the only threat to power and the ruling class. Truth is a journey. Conclusive truth claims are traps closing off new information. Never stop seeking new answers. Perpetual information for perpetual (r)evolution.

  2. Free Speech and Fresh Peaches - dealing with sweet sustenance as well as the pits, trees with roots that bear fruit with seeds to continue thriving life in balance.

  3. Inherent Skepticism, Natural Law, and Coleslaw - for healthy and reasoned protection and balance against manipulation with misinformation, balanced ethics, and a hunger for authentic fairness and justice. The Dude abides Natural Law.

  4. Transparency and Conspiracy and Pro-Piracy (ie. victimless sharing economy not corporatocracy plunder) - analyze, criticize, decentralize, and condemn lies in the official narrative of history, the Hegelian dialectic, the manufactured left-right paradigm, as well as the totalitarianism variants: capitalism and communism.

  5. This is a WAR FOR OUR MINDS. "They" have the power. "We" have the numbers and many of "us" are brainwashed. SEEK YOUR OWN TRUTHS. Be free to be uncommitted on many concepts. Don't feel the need to agree with 100% of what any just-human says. Be free to change your mind with new information. Acknowledge and learn from mistakes to grow. Strive to know as much as possible and firmly believe as little possible. Embrace information from all sources and make up your own mind. Be free to evolve.

  6. Your boss is not your friend, just as your feudal overlord or slave master is not your friend. Your boss is your exploiter, unless you are in a worker-directed-enterprise or co-op.

  7. All corporate media is propaganda on many levels to various extents.

  8. All corporations are inherently evil and exploitative accomplices if not collaborators to the Machiavellian globalists' corporatocracy states - unless they have accountable moral and ethical clauses that supersede and restrict the evils. Usually the larger the corporation the greater their evil.

  9. THE ULTIMATE TRUTH: All authority and governments are inherently evil, corrupted, secretive, manipulative, exploitative, abusive, violent, and murderous, with (s)elected puppet "leaders" rigging all entwined systems to serve psychotic Machiavellian elites for full spectrum dominance waged upon their own citizens bodies, lives, and minds with their media-military-bankster-industrial-techno-corporatocracy.

  10. Taxation is institutionalized theft by the corrupt unrepresentative ruling class.

  11. Freedom of communication and transactions by any and all means is sacred. Any form of hard or soft censorship or limitations on our technology or bodies is considered an act of violence upon our inherent rights.

  12. Open Source and Crowd Sauciness - this is not a spectator sport, pARTicipation required, and have fun doing it every chance you get or you may die crying.

  13. Battle anti-Trutherism by every non-violent means - ideas (the pen) can be mightier than their "power" (the sword (for hire)).

  14. Resist as much as possible. Resist as often, as long, and as intensely as possible, like sex, but for a cause - humanity. The rising tide lifts all boats. Also: Decentralize all the things!

  15. Develop as many decentralized ways to organize ourselves and ways to organize effective actions. Peaceful mass protests may raise awareness or be ignored. Peaceful mass occupation of the means of production (ie. factories) may be more effective, but may be met with state violence.

  16. Any centralized Trutherism leadership claims will be corrupt organized infiltration and fair game for extreme critical examination and ridicule.

  17. D.I.Y. - Seek and make your own truths. Feel free to ask from and lean on the many around you, near and far.

  18. Anti-EMF and anti-5G headgear is welcome but not required. Tin foil is passe. Aluminum foil is wear it's hat.

  19. Nineteen aka 19 aka XIX = our birthyear, special day, and new special number (unless someone gives us a good reason not to claim it, not to be confused with 1984 ).

This is the year of Trutherism. This is your life. Embrace it.

We still have freedom of religion and freedom of thought and these are some of the things we believe to be true.

P.S. Also, 9/11 was a globalists' manufactured inside job, like most other events.

Trutherism Goals

  • Can we get tax exemption? We can try.

  • Can we become a protected belief system? We can try.

  • Can we prevent being infiltrated and corrupted? We can try.

  • Can we get powerful like many religions big and small? We can try.

  • Can we use it like judo to spin and pivot against oppressive forces? We can try.

  • Can we help everyone to become a Ronin? We can try.

Ronin Rules

  1. We don't affiliate with any group. (Except Trutherists?)

  2. We don't defend anyone that we don't personally know. (And even still...)

  3. We don't defend actions that we had no say in. (Rigged voting systems don't count.)

  4. We don't give knowledge to those who don't seek it. (Well... swap "force" for "give".)

  5. We right the wrongs. (Or try till we die.)

The Ronin Code: /s/TinFoilHat/comments/adw/the_ronin_code/

Theme Song Nominations

Gimme feedback to add to this "manifesto".

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Theme song nomination:

It's not that catchy but it's on point.

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Don't know much about Ronin rules, but would "We will acknowledge our own mistakes and use them as a way to grow" apply? Truth is a journey, not a destination....something something.

There is a trap once something is declared absolute truth in that you stop seeking answers and stand still, closed off from new info. Hope that makes sense, my thoughts are scattered at the moment.

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Great contributions!


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