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I think you got yourself a bit confused. I created r/zoophilia and was always the only mod. Yes, that other user is a friend of mine, but that's irrelevant. I'm also pro-pedophilia, and was really looking forward to having some rational debate about it here. I was gonna create a sub called sexual-morality, or something for frank discussion of zoophilia, pedophilia, and other such issues, but if I wouldn't be allowed to share my actual opinions (because that'd be 'promoting pedophilia,' I guess I can't do that.

Yes, I'm aware that s/pedophilia wasn't going to be for that kind of discussion, neither is s/zoophilia, that's why I was gonna create another sub for the big issues themselves. The specific subs (at least s/zoophilia) were always going to be to discuss specific issues to do with the paraphilia(s). In much the same way a conservative sub wouldn't really be the place to discuss which political "side" is right, and that might be more the place of a "politics" sub. That was my plan, at least.

I can't speak for [the other user], but he seems to have pretty similar ideas to me.