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Why is this something you want so desperately to talk about? Are you not an adult yourself? Why the fixation? Why create a whole sub about it instead of just a thread?

The line of questioning is beyond mattering because literally anyone is allowed to create a sub here about any topic they're interested in, or so I thought. Do you treat everyone with this line of questioning about giving the reasons for them making their subs? So, what I'm about to say doesn't matter because subs need no justification to exist besides someone being interested in them, but here goes: I am very interested in the right of children to have sex with others just as I'm interested in the right of non-human species to have sex because that's the moral position if you care about others. Anti-sexuality is evil and hurtful, it's standing against love and bonding. Sex is normally a good pro-social loving bonding activity that everyone should have the right to share. Someone pleasuring themselves or someone else is good as long as everyone involved is happy and safe. I've been having sex since I was five years old, and it was wonderful, yet prudish adults wanted to punish and stop me from sharing those wonderful things with many many others. That was abusive and wrong of them to stop someone from sharing wonderful loving fun things together. Finally, the reason why it's so important is because many countries in the world today have made horrible laws against all kinds of sexuality including homosexuality, zoosexuality, pedosexuality, or even banning all sexuality, and that only causes all sorts of problems, namely sex trafficking, rape, and murder (due to it being illegal and thus being risky). Just like drugs should be legalized, sex should be legalized too.

And that's just for starters.

Why also create the sub zoophilia, which is about having sex with animals? You want both?

The zoophilia sub already exists, and what do you mean "You want both?"? It doesn't matter what I want, but obviously the creator of that sub and those who have posted on it so far wanted it.

You seem here to cause trouble, rather than have any real discussions about anything. The ruling is final, we're not going to have a pro-pedophilia club, even by your absolutely strange definition of pedophilia

So Rule #4:

Don't be unliked by a moderator, because then they can accuse you of wanting to cause trouble and ban your sub.


Again, name one rule that violates anything that I've done in creating a sub about child sex advocacy, because you have no grounds for accusing me of "wanting to start trouble" nor is that against the rules anyway and you're just making accusations about my motivations that are completely untrue.

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We made our decision, you know the rules now. It's final. You are more than free to leave if you disagree with how saidit is run.

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SaidIt is all for free speech as long as you never suggest that children should have the right to have sex like they already do have in many countries at various ages, then it's not. Please update your rules, then, so you don't waste people's time.

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"No sexualization of children" has been added as a part of rule 2. I'm surprised it even needed to be said at all as it seems pretty implicitly obvious, but here we are.

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So discussing children being allowed to have sex or child sex laws etc is all "sexualizing children", got it, okay, yeah just keep making that set of rules bigger and bigger once you think of more topics you don't like. Good job shutting down discourse of super important issues that cause super important problems like child sex trafficking all because children having sex is illegal in many places. Way to stand up for the children.


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I am standing up for children, that's why I did it. Anti-pedo discussion is allowed, but that's not what you were doing. Bye.

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I feel the moderators should be setting a good example and when explaining their official actions should stay within the top two tiers of the debate pyramid. In the above discourse, I don't think they did.

Because if they don't, who will?