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Seriously, I hate their redesign so much. It's so non-functional. They basically did it to inject more ads and stuff faked as user content, to drive up profit margins. That's the main reason did their redesigns too.

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New reddit is awful, awful in performance, usability, design, and customisation.

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I agree completely. If I was on the team working on the site redesign, I'd probably go to sleep with a headache every single night. It's one of the most bloated and non-functional pieces of software I've ever seen. And the worst part is that it literally only exists for the purpose of making ads look like normal content, and for them to easily hide stuff without others noticing. Then they have some extremely minor feature upgrades (that simply do not require such a massive UI overhaul), and pretend that's really why they're doing it.

Despicable, tbh