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You seem obsessed with me and finding any way to justify censorship and being an asstroll.

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How is your bridge blocking protest coming along?

I watched a video where native Indians tried blocking a bridge many years ago..

Fyi, bridge blocking is an old trick and the cops know how to unblock the bridge.


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just fyi, jason... i have had a presence at a bdsm(sadism/masochism) website for a minute and you might find it interesting to know that there are dem shills there pushing their agendas and following is one post that was made recently... i just thought you might find it interesting that they are absofucknglutely everywhere...

quote from bdsm website forum: The Alex Jones court judgments have sent a message to people who proliferate lies an mistruths that there is a steep price for the damages done by using a position of power to spew lies. FYI the capitol police civil lawsuit against trump and his big election lie is going forward and trumps claim of immunity was thrown out by federal judge.

isnt it interesting that they are pushing this message, even at a bdsm forum?

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Isn't it also strange Fedward that you're driving an anti-American noise machine for no expressed purpose other than demotivation?

None of your transparent toilet crap, nor their obvious repetitive lies, will ever become true nor stop everyone that sees right through the bullshit.

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do i drive an anti-american noise machine? refresh my memory, please.. what is this anti-american noise machine that you are referriing to?

but i am sure that everyone will be grateful that you sorted out my bullshit.

kind regards.