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Funny how the TERFs are always attacked for calling a man, a man.

Some of the most critical people (IMO) are the men who know damn well that trans are not women.

The aggressive trans videos never show any trans dude aggressing upon any man that's their same size.

Most men would would never dream of laying a finger on a woman, but will thoroughly beat an aggressive wolf in sheep's clothing.

I'm not advocating violence.

Just pointing out that self defense is a key feature in a free society (which is under siege).

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    TERFs are only critical of mtf transgenders because they hate men in general though

    These women don't have it easy.

    Somehow they have come to the conclusion that men are the primary enemy.

    This conclusion is about as legitimate as any racist view.

    I don't disagree that they're oppressed. They are. So is most of the planet.
    The entire world is being forced to submit to a medical dictatorship.
    It's worth stating that they probably have it better than the incels.
    At least they have a dignified banner.

    Imagine an incel protest. Unlikely in the west.

    I could imagine one in China... 55 million strong.

    The Chinese Communist-Business Party brought down by an incel giant-slayer.

    How did you say David in Chinese?

    Anyway TERFs are ok. The real men still love them.