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I love it. Yes, the comment score display should definitely have individual spans for CSS to utilize. Added:

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Also, yes, we have talked a bit about adding more than 2 dimensions to the voting. It could be done technically if someone wanted to. I don't think there's been any interest expressed in something like this for SaidIt though.

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Yeah it's something I thought about in the very early days, but now I think 2 dimensions is enough. Too many dimensions and it loses the meaningfulness. Not to mention the coding complexity of adding the 3rd dimension isn't worth the marginal benefits, imo

The CSS idea is a good one though

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Have you considered letting people upload their own scripts to allow full customization of our sub...saidits? Just let us upload a script file like how we upload pictures but maybe run it through a malware scanner first. That way we can do all the extra coding for you. Plus it would further distinguish you guys from that other, shittier, site. If this is already possible somehow, please point me in the right direction.

I'm thinking I could just create additional buttons with javascript, and store the additional data as duplicate hidden posts i.e. "My First Post" would have 3 insightful and 2 fun, but a bot would have automatically created a hidden "DATASTORAGE-My First Post" that has 6 insightful and 0 fun. What the end user would see on the subsaidit is "My First Post" 3 insightful, 2 fun, 6 badass, 0 cute.

PS: what is the official term for these "subreddits"? I've mainly been calling them communities because "subsaidit" sounds and looks dumb.

PPS: feel free to check out my alternative to reddit!

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We allow custom CSS that allows for a lot of that type of configuration, actually.

We generally just call them "subs" or "subsaidits" if you want to make sure you're understood. Thanks for the alternative!

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You CSS class request is live.

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Looking good! Thanks again for letting us make saidit our new home!