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Imo it's equivalent-to-US law and nothing that sexualizes minors even if legal.

From the terms:

Vending of illegal items and research chemicals are not allowed.

So pretty much no greymarket. This is a small site with a small team, we can't be policing all of this shit 24/7. We do have a three strikes rule, we don't generally insta-ban.

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Imo it's equivalent-to-US law

Weed is illegal in some states and legal in another.

that sexualizes minors

Again, who do you consider a "minor" and what do you consider a "sexualization"?

-define pornography

Let me give you a real life scenario that already happened with a russian site called pikabu:

Not so long time ago this site changed its owners and its new management decided that they wanted to make an android app. Now i dont know all the details, but when they where trying to get an approval from google for their app there was some sort of problem with an nsfw content. And because of that problem they updated their content policy and included the sitewide "no NSFW" rule.

And im not going to describe to you all the details of civil war that was going on at this time, but ill describe you one issue that came to light during that "crisis". When mods where moderating the website they sometimes would stumble upon pictures with art (like greek statues for example) or women in revealing closes that where posted by users in the comment section or just as a post. And because of vague rules it was up to them to consider whether or not its porn and whether or not they should delete it. And most of the time they where deleting it just in case.

Of course a lot of people disagrees with such moderation, including myself. A statue of a naked greek god is in no way a pornography, and deleting pieces of art from the site just because they have tits or barely covered male bodies is simply stupid. Such mentality is a relict of puritan morals enforced by different religions. But a lot of people out there dont realize that and would insist that naked body=sex=bad, and therefore would censor art or pictures of naked people without any sexual context in them for no real reason. Or would even consider that tight closes = pornography.

So i want you to make those rules less vague, so you wont have to deal with such conflicts in the future. Because not all people think that naked human body(whether its a photo or a drawing) is a pornography and you either need to forbid all nudity including art or give some very strict definitions of what do you consider to be pron.


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The deciding factor is risk to SaidIt. If we believe something is a threat to us legally, it will be removed and prohibited.

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Again, who do you consider a "minor"

Again, "it's equivalent-to-US law", 18 to cover all jurisdictions

what do you consider a "sexualization"?

Any sexual content whatsoever.

No one has pushed the boundaries yet concerning art vs. pornography. If you really must know what the exact policy is, you're going to have to post to find out.

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I see. I guess ill have to do some experiments now.