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I think you made a mistake, thinking anyone cares about your insanity.

Countries need borders. Illegal, criminal, migrants need arresting and rejecting. Idiots who attack police stations need shooting.

Maybe we are all fascists, deep at heart? or maybe some of us are aware that criminals do not lead to good outcomes.

I'm amazed you could even type your post. Surely keyboards are white supremacy.

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It's not the keyboard per se, it's the fact that a few white lines essentially dictate the importance of certain black keys.

Remove the lines, remove the hate!!

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It's not that reddit is left. It's that theyre not far enough left. When you're that far left, anyone to the right of Mao Zedong looks like a Nazi to you.

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Will Van Spronsen's final words.

you endorsed terrorism

Reddit stands with ICE


and is complicit in upholding the fascist state

almost certainly