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This is a fantastic post. Too bad everyone, including me missed it.

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Feel free to repost it to a more visible sub. I never know where's the best place to post content.

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I don't think it's a matter of visibility. I think it the inherent nature of Saidit/Reddit. A LOT of stuff doesn't get the eyes and votes.

Not only that there's no difference between things I like a little and those I like a lot.

A good joke that 20 people think is moderately funny will get less points that a post that 9 people think is fanfuckingtastic.

If I could vote 0-10 rather than 0 or 1 then there's be a better quality to the votes and a more accurate reflection of quality and more authentic popularity.

Take that to the next level and rank what subs am I most interested vs less interested. If I don't want to unsubscribe from games, but would rather see 30 other subs first, then the binary thing doesn't reflect this either.

I don't know of a "better" sub would be. I'm just sad others missed it.

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Great points, it's true it's easy to miss a lot of things.

I'm glad you appreciate the importance of this topic, and sad along with you that more people didn't see it. It's so creepy to watch a global kleptocracy deploy their madness on the world stage, in a coordinated strategy, with sound of crickets from the MSM. Once it starts affecting people en masse it will likely be too late to do anything about it.

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Great title. Easy to remember and search for.

Next time someone like wizzwizz4 says, "well, I'm not convinced" just spam him with the Coporate Mafia!

I suspect it's all going to get much much worse soon.