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Those were some pretty disappointing looking rubies. Interestingly both rubies and sapphires are the same thing, Corundum, a crystalline form of aluminium oxide. You can get the artificial stones for about a buck a carat retail, although if you want them used in commercial applications like making a pair of prescription glasses that can resist small arms fire (and yes that's a thing), it's quite a bit more expensive.

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The person of the Channel also made rubies with strong electrical currents. They gave bigger rubies instantly. I think this experiment could be done in your own garage.

It might be interesting to convert it to some kind of sputtering process, so you can make your rubies as big as you like.

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O rly ? Could we please stop sarcasm in this physics subsaidit? under /u/zyxzevn 's headnut.

Otherwise next thing i post about how to make your standard alu foil into gold; under this sub.

Either he stops this kinda shit or i'll do it with longing into mathematics (which he doesn't like) and chosefully even elsewhere.

Saidit ain't youtube: Here you can't post any shit you believe without a hard mathematical society proving you wrong.

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What is the problem?
Rubies can be made from very hot Alum. Oxide with some Chromium.
That is the chemical composition.

In this experiment it is shown that you can make rubies by using the hot plasma that is created by small AL wires.
In another experiment he just uses a very strong electric current.
The rubies are low quality, but the experiment is very simple. And could be demonstrated in a class room for example.

I think that the high electron temperature of the plasma or electric current is making the chemical reaction possible.

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Because Plasma physics ain't easy just because of youtube.

If i could have protons and electrons everywhere i'd like not only you had to call me , but i'd rather use it for more useful stuff like copper-nickel-fusion => unlimited energy.

Maybe you forgive me when you read that an ex of mine is still into this bullshit. There is no magic involved here.

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    Haha. No don't let the kids do this stuff.