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What do you mean about colluding with Democrats?

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Wow, you don't know?

In the 2016 election, the Democrats were exposed as working hand in glove with the media. Journalists sent stories to the Democrats for approval before publication. Yes, this happened.

One notable offender was Glenn Thrush of Politico, who even said "I'm such a hack". His punishment? Banned from the industry forever, you'd think? Nope. He was hired by the New York Times after the election.

You know why Trump is president? The Democrats ordered the media to cover him under their "pied piper" plan. The media was to promote Republican candidates the Democrats considered terrible. Obviously this backfired on them big-time. Yet another reason biased media is the enemy of the people.

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I'm not American, so don't always follow every story about American politics (though it is usually more interesting than Canadian politics). I was thinking you were saying that the BBC sent the Democratic Party stories for approval, but I guess you were just making a point about mainstream media. I looked up what you were talking about and here's what I read, it is indeed a pretty major indictment: The establishment Democrats (Clintons) totally shat the bed with this whole "kiss the ring" approach that they had with their election. They figured it was a foregone conclusion and they acted with such contempt for non elite. You can see what Trump is referring to when he attacks the media. To me it sounds ridiculously insecure for a president to speak this way, but if the establishment is trying to lock you out of the cycle, you can see why he would be so up in arms about it. But on a related note, Fox and Friends -- tell me that it's not fucking bizarre that he'll call in while watching so he can ramble for a bit.