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Yup, just got banned today from a subreddit because I had the gall to tell a mod that maybe he shouldn't be telling people to be respectful in the comments, while he has a "shitler" mod flair next to his name.

I was subsequently memory-holed, as were all my comments in that thread (even the ones unrelated to that conversation)

I have been non-personed by the mods there. Still pissed about it:

But this is the exact reason we made saidit. Because this shit is happening more and more. They are going the way of digg. The only thing reddit has going for them is the illusion that people get to have their say, when in reality anyone with any real opinions gets boxed out in a very hidden way, like I was today. Then your OP post here shows that it's just corrupt beyond all measure

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This all points to why Reddit is going to fail. Countless Reddit replacements are popping up, and ones like Saidit and Vote are growing quickly. Even this new dissenter app and site will take people away from Reddit. Turns out people don't like being censored, silenced, and erased. Weird...

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Yup. And before this there was, a site similar to reddit, which fell much quicker and more spectacularly because it didn't have the subreddit/sub system, and reddit learned from it but is basically going down the same route.

This was the straw that broke the camel's back for digg, it's an interesting read:

That and the site redesign they pushed that hid advertisements as real content, all 3 of those redesigns triggered exoduses from digg to reddit. Which is basically what reddit is doing now, and people are starting to leave