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I've never heard of hyperbola, what's good about it?

Not surprised that arch rendered itself unusable. It's too open, it easily breaks itself. There's really something to be said for stability over customization, imo

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Its a libre arch based distro. Arch doesn't break itself, systems does. Its became so integrated into arch there's no way to run any other init, lol.

Its too closed actually, customization and stability is key.

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Do you have a brief description of what issue caused the system to break? I am running Arch on my laptop and its good to avoid show-stopping issues when possible.

Edit: I found your previous post here:

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I made it slightly farther this time, I had to copy inittab from /etc/openrc to etc. then it booted OK, but it was barely operational. I figured it was a conflict with systemd still starting, so I uninstalled systemd, it seemed to load fast and fine, but I couldn't enter my username or pass.

I tried chrooting into it and reinstalling systemd, but no luck.

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Cool it sounds like some of the Parabola guys are involved with Hyperbola, and it's Arch with LTS non-rolling releases. Sounds interesting let us know how it goes.

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Meh, this distro is the worst fuckin pile to ever touch the internet. Idk what to do now, first budgie breaks as I'm configuring it, so I go thru the hassle of irc support trying to figure out what happened.

I tried removing sddm and just setting the system to load budgie upon login, that didn't work. I reinstalled sddm, removed budgie and replaced it with mate, as I'm configuring things, I install git and a few other things so I can install a dkms driver for a realtek WiFi adapter. I get that installed and then mate breaks.

So I installed cinnamon with everything it needs. Tried to login with that, and I can't even get it to load a de now.

So this officially ends my hyperbola venture.

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Dang bummer wave. Maybe Parabola with Open RC would be a good fit?

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I was thinking about it, then I found this distro called alfheim Linux. The devs just released the first full version of the distro 2 months ago.

It uses openrc and sysvinit. Its a combination of arch, artix and sparky, it uses a unique fast install script you can modify for your system. Its got a pretty neat package management GUI that updates from the official repos and the aur.

It comes with openbox and comes with a cool Nordic wallpaper set. I think this distro will last a long time.

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oh that sounds pretty cool, I'll check it out.

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Yea, its a much more stable distro, especially for being a very new distro.

It also has quite a large screensaver collection

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Screensavers full of pagan symbols? The nordic stuff sounds good. This looks way too bleeding edge for me, but I really like the diversity this guy is trying to bring to linux. Maybe I'll try it on a secondary machine.

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no rofl, no pagan symbols. yea, i think you'll like the distro :D

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I had to ask after seeing the first image here:

Hahhaa getting sensitive as I get old I guess.

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ah lol, are those images satanic? i wouldnt know rly. im not religious, rofl

i just thought the images looked cool, the first one is the gurb boot background :)

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Sorry you feel that way, as it is my current distro and I frankly, love it.

ps, if you wondered why the realtek wifi adapter didn't work, look at this:

"It's common for Wi-Fi cards to require a firmware to be loaded into the card. Many cards do not work at all if the firmware is missing. The firmware is often proprietary, thus we don't distribute it. This is the case for many internal Wi-Fi cards.

The usual fix to the problem is either to replace the card or use an external USB Wi-Fi dongle. You can buy one with Atheros chipset (eg. ath9k_htc as an external USB dongle or ath9k for PCI and PCI-Express expansion slots). Another is the RTL818x chipset (eg. rtl8187 as an external USB dongle or rtl818x_pci for PCI and PCI-Express expansion slots). Both of these Wi-Fi adapters have fully free free firmware. You can also search the h-node database to find Wi-Fi adapters known to work well with free software or scripts/deblob-$ver to check Wi-Fi adapters are included in the Linux-libre device blacklist."

PS, it is more stable then you realize, i think you just tried to compile too many things from source, I removed either lxdm or lightdm, and had no other dm and had to reinstall the system. I wouldn't say its the worst distro either, I have seen much worse...

Although, this post was from 7 months ago. So things could have changed, but one thing that won't change is that if you need non-free firmware for your laptop, avoid this distro.

I use libreboot and will soon have a coreboot laptop in the near future...

Anyways long story short, you might have done something foolish, I am not trying to judge you, just sayin, you might have tried it too soon.

last but not least, I always backup my stuff on a external flash drive in case I do something dumb. Hyperbola will get more stable over time, but it is a new distro which has been around for maybe less than two years. I would try it maybe three years from now at worst and see if it has gotten better but within a virtual machine. That usually is a good idea if you think it will suck again but want to make sure.

EDIT: Libreboot or Coreboot with me cleaner and wifi card replaced with one that requires no non-free binaries, or thinkpenguin and in the future when its possible, power8/power9... one of those is required to use Hyperbola without any non-free binaries,firmware or drivers to my knowledge 100% with wifi support and running into as few issues as possible. Everything else is... well... questionable. Hope this adds some insight. You could always use Parabola, but I don't recommend it for the same reasons, in fact it breaks way more.

Although, devuan might be good.

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More on the init-freedom campaign:

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Yea, I'm liking the openrc boot, its super fast. I just gotta configure it all

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I like openrc myself, better than the systemdumb replacement.