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I was thinking about it, then I found this distro called alfheim Linux. The devs just released the first full version of the distro 2 months ago.

It uses openrc and sysvinit. Its a combination of arch, artix and sparky, it uses a unique fast install script you can modify for your system. Its got a pretty neat package management GUI that updates from the official repos and the aur.

It comes with openbox and comes with a cool Nordic wallpaper set. I think this distro will last a long time.

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oh that sounds pretty cool, I'll check it out.

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Yea, its a much more stable distro, especially for being a very new distro.

It also has quite a large screensaver collection

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Screensavers full of pagan symbols? The nordic stuff sounds good. This looks way too bleeding edge for me, but I really like the diversity this guy is trying to bring to linux. Maybe I'll try it on a secondary machine.

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no rofl, no pagan symbols. yea, i think you'll like the distro :D

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I had to ask after seeing the first image here:

Hahhaa getting sensitive as I get old I guess.

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ah lol, are those images satanic? i wouldnt know rly. im not religious, rofl

i just thought the images looked cool, the first one is the gurb boot background :)

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I think they're just pagan or norse symbols, but I try to avoid anything illuminati or satanism related. Yeah grub background images are nice.

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yea, i seen somewhere on their wix site i think, that they used nordic imagery :)

the images can always be changed :) thats the beauty of arch and arch based, everything can be customized :)