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Is Halloween a big thing in the US? I vaguely remember someone telling me yes.

In France we... kind of ignore it. Lol. I mean, there sure are orange and black decorations in the supermarkets but in the past six years or so I've had something like 3 kids ring my doorbell. That I ignored, because I didn't have any candy. This scenario is very frequent. When I was a teenager I received one or two invitations to "Halloween parties". One from a French-American lol. It was a bit awkward dressing up. Past a certain age and with no children accompanying you, people are gonna look at you weird. Basically the Halloween spirit totally dies when you have no child in your life.

So, what is it you normally do during Halloween season? Do you dress up and hang out at night? Are people wearing funny things in the streets?

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Lots of adults still dress up and go to parties and such, but you tend to peter out and stop as you get older. It's been a long time since I dressed up as anything, but I still love doing horror movie marathons, reading scary stories, and doing local stuff like haunted houses.

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Making my way through the letterboxd horror lists and deciding what to dress up as; will probably fall back on the tried and true lady of the 80s.

Ghost hunting?

That's a good idea!

I need to live vicariously through the rest of you

Why, are you a ghost?

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This is probably the first year I haven't tried to do the letterboxd Hooptober thing. And I never succeeded at it when I did.

Why, are you a ghost? Just a (hopefully temporary) shut in while I adjust to a new career and ride out the last of covid.

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Oh I didn't even know about the Hooptober thing. Thanks for mentioning it. I've just been haphazardly going through friends' 'best of horror' lists on there - watched Midsommar last night and I am so in love.

I hope your isolation is very temporary indeed. Happy Halloween, however you celebrate it.

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Yeah, I watch a lot of movies, but I just can't do 31 in 31 days. Even if I give myself a head start. It's a good way to find some obscure titles though.

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Favorite discovery/favorite horror movie?

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My favorite horror movie of all time would probably be Eyes without a Face - it's not scary, just sad and weird.

For discovery, House of the Devil is a great horror movie I probably would never have watched if not for letterboxd hype.

Let me know if you find anything good!

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I'll probably just carve a pumpkin and pass out candy to the neighborhood kids. Last year, I had to leave the candy on a table in my yard, so at least this year the trick or treating should be somewhat normal.

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Carving a pumpkin sounds like a lot of fun and something I can do even as a shut in. Maybe I'll try to do one of those creative ones and fail, lol.

Hope you have fun with a post?ish-Covid Halloween.

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True crime