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IMAGINE if you had sex with someone and you're being more forward/taking initiative and they decide this means you're top and they're bottom and then don't reciprocate. Awful thing to teach young women about sex between women when most of these teens reading memes / watching tik toks don't have access to peers or resources telling them that's not a typical expectation of sex

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I think it's mostly just teens/virgins pushing that. Also, I bet a large chunk of those lesbian teens aren't actually even lesbians and see it more as a fashion trend than a sexual orientation.

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It annoys me, too. I also hate the excessive BDSM and "daddy" talk that's so common nowadays. I stay far, far away from any woman who calls herself daddy or mommy thinking it's cute or sexy. Barf.

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Daddy no. But mommy is fun.

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Not sure why I'm getting a reply to this comment about a month later. Anyway, I personally find all kinds of thinly veiled incestuous roleplay to be a huge turnoff so I've got to disagree.

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I also feel like them saying 'bottom' is an easy and acceptable way of saying pillow princess.

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Yeah, me too

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I can't stand the top/bottom discourse! So many of the people who participate are obvious virgins who seem to think these denote personality traits.

I have never been in a relationship where there was a clearly defined "top" or "bottom."

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yeah they're teenagers who know jack shit

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I thought it was a joke at first but people are taking it too seriously now. Seems kinda boring to follow predefined roles like that...

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Easy way to spot someone who have no clue how lesbians have sex. And avoid fakebians.

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I know right! The way people talk about this makes me feel really uncomfortable. Regardless of a persons sexuality the concept of a dominant and submissive person in a relationship seems really unhealthy and I hate that its normalised. If individuals enjoy taking these roles in a sexual sense then good for them I guess... its not really my business. But in everyday life the idea of one person dominating the other sounds borderline abusive. Power imbalances in relationships almost never end well, trust me I've been there, I don't want a 'top' I want a relationship where we are equals.

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I see it online WAY more than I encounter it irl. I basically agree with everything that's been said here, esp that the vast majority of lesbians don't use or need these terms, and that discussion of them skews heavily towards the very young.

I don't agree with what I perceive the subtext here to be however - I don't see anything wrong with top/bottom stone/pillow princess dynamics themselves, and I don't think it's any of our business in the first place.

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It was not my intention, if a couple is ok with top/bottom dynamics is not my business, but they are a minority, I'm not ok on generalizing it on all lesbians.

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Do you see it in Italy too? Peole always copying american shit

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A little, unfortunately

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We're always copying stuff from them. It's SO bullshit.

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Yea it's definitely weird... I think it's a male/gay guy thing that the young "qkweer" crowd latched onto, since they like everything to be so black and white. But I had an ex that was like, wanted to be a super top when she was really being a pillow princess lmao, whereas I'm like whatev ... It was kinda weird. I'm usually the more dominant one in bed, but I also like it when my wife takes charge, it's always been reciprocal with us. Some people are more dominant than others but I never heard it being like how it is now... Youngin's these days