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I wanted to create an Imgur account for LGBDTT so I can repost images saved in our Wiki/etc and they won't be purged over time due to being anonymous.

I don't want to use standard signup since it requires a phone number. I tried to use my Twitter account, but it turns out that will reveal my email address since I'm linking the two.

My Twitter is fake and only exists for browsing, but I would prefer not to even link that. I could make another Twitter account, but it was a total pain in the ass to even create the one I have since I'm not letting them know all my personal info to start with. I've heard that users can download the Imgur app on their phone, signup that way, and then delete the app and login through desktop afterwards.

My next problem is that my phone is old, and Imgur doesn't support my OS anymore. So I can't even download or use the app.

Are there any other options anyone knows of?

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Maybe a phone OS emulator for your computer? (This is not advice, just speculation.)