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It's the TQ+'s way of denying their responsibility for provoking the current backlash and trying to make us forget that things were going well for us before they rolled out all the gender demands.

Reminds me of former friends of mine with addiction problems who constantly blamed all their problems on someone else. It was never their fault, and they'd never take responsibility for the consequences of their actions. And they constantly use all their friends to try to bail them out of their latest fuckup.

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I "love" this false dichotomy. For them, we either have to face homophobia from the right or we have to bow to the genderists and allow experimental surgeries on minors.

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Ugh, yeah I can't stand this "argument," if you can call it that. As long as the TQ+ are eroding LGB approval, it really doesn't matter that some of our "allies" are against same sex marriage. But that's the other thing, we're not allied. They got their reasons to oppose the trans rights movement, we* got ours. Sometimes they overlap.

Also good for you getting out of there. I was never a JW myself but I am very familiar with them due to a loved one being involved. The org has caused a lot of destruction in my life and to a lesser extent continues to do so.

* "We" as in DTT. I want to emphasize that I am not same sex attracted and do not speak for anyone who is.

Oh! And check out this comment of mine if you haven't seen it.

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I do agree that allying with the Right is extremely bad in the long term. These people are NOT our friends and would outlaw us at the drop of a hat if they could. But at the same time, let's not pretend that the TRAs have any sense of restraint.