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I think this is because they don't care about what methods they have to use. Because the modern LGBT movement is almost entirely comprised of narcissists.

LGB people were discriminated for centuries by people unwilling to learn the first thing about us. People whose main argument was "because God said so". People whose authority was justified by bullshit traditions and cheap emotional manipulation.

We were a victim of this. But the victim role began to look more and more appealing when the public started to listen us and our reputation improved. The religious gaslighting lost strength and we became a group that was owed..."reparations". Society thought they must compensate us.

Narcissists saw this and took the chance to hijack the movement. The easiest and fastest way was to claim they were trans. But since they are the same kind of people who oppressed us in the first place, their methods didn't change.

This is why the TQ is problematic. Not because people with gender dysphoria are inherently worse than LGB. TQ is the backdoor they used to infiltrate the movement and its still open. In my opinion it will remain open until we tear down the ideology where feelings are all that matters and everyone can be everything.

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Taking it slow would require that the movement stand up to scrutiny, which it's incapable of. Their only growth tool is threatening to call individuals bigots and transphobes for not adhering to their beliefs. I admit, it's quite an effective tool. But these words are losing their power.

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Taking a lot of ground really fast is a pretty big red flag that you can't control it. It takes a really advanced, very polite, civilization to allow a mass movement of narcissist trans fascists (trascists?) to take completely over and start oppressing every single other type of person. They are undermining the civilization that enables them. It's the Nero paradox. Nero could only happen in a society where Nero could not thrive, and the people Nero oppressed took completely over after he burned it all down. He wasn't even the last. Social darwinism is a self-cleaning philosophy, since to maximize the most life for the most people requires eradicating social darwinists, and human nature totally will.