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When the woman asked for any names I go by I got confused because my full name, nickname in "" and last name were on the zoom call. So I just said my nickname again and she said "OK, but any other names?" And I said "no?". They looked all confused lol. It took me late in the meeting to figure out why she was asking lol. I knew about pronouns thing but I haven't heard much about the chosen name stuff.

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I go by an androgynous nickname. At my university, when I explain it's just a shortened form of my given name, and that calling me by my given name is totally fine too, people often seem a bit surprised.

I hate it, but I do get it. A young woman in her early 20s, who may or may not ping your gaydar a little bit, and who's going by an androgynous nickname? To assume it's some NB shtick is a bit personally offensive (or maybe exhausting is a better word for it), but it's certainly not not demographically unreasonable.